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Couples Retreat

Elements Retreat

Mid-West Coast, Wales

Hello, I’m so pleased that you’ve been guided here. Welcome. I’m Helen the custodian of Elements Retreat. I am delighted to open this private retreat space to you and your partner, as a safe haven that holistically supports your relationship in a beneficial way for you both. Being here, away from daily life, gifts dedicated space and uninterrupted time for you both to nurture your relationship in a truly meaningful way, whether this is together when you leave or on your own individual paths.

As guests, you are invited to participate in a retreat journey that is considerately tailored to the requirements of your relationship. A pre-retreat telephone discussion establishes an aligned vision for our time together, provides a clear pathway and ensures that relevant holistic modalities are woven into your experience here. Your 3 day stay will be solely facilitated by myself Helen, allowing for the cultivation of trust, vulnerability and healing. My commitment to you both is to gently walk your retreat path with you from a place of neutrality, honouring and compassion.  Through heart-centred practices, I aspire to empower you both to realise a deeper connection with yourself and each other, to explore new levels of understanding and compassion, as well as acquire an expanded sense of  balance and collaboration in your relationship. I aim to attentively support you both in your transition, as each moment unfolds, by encouraging awareness, honesty, acceptance and love.

Revive Retreat

Inviting the opportunity to
Reconnect - Realign - Revive

This 3-day retreat supports you and your partner to improve a tentatively fragile relationship and revive joy, connection and love into the relationship. It is common for couples to be consumed by the various responsibilities of daily life and therefore accidentally and unknowingly lose sight of themselves and each other in the process. Over time, this can create feelings of separation, frustration and disappointment in a relationship. A void can materialise that feels too substantial to bridge and it can feel challenging to know what to do to revive your relationship, as well as how to implement the necessary changes. Please be reassured that I am here to assist you both in:

  • reviving a deeper level of conscious connection that facilitates true love
  • establishing conscious communication methods that help you to feel truly listened to and heard by your partner
  • finding techniques that empower you to feel genuinely seen and appreciated
  • discovering how to generate and maintain a balanced partnership

If this resonates with you and you would like to chat in more detail, then please reach out so that we can have a more details chat on the telephone. This will help me to understand your personal challenges and how I can best support you through a retreat experience.

Rise & Thrive Retreat

Inviting a deepening of
Connection - Compassion - Collaboration

This 3-day retreat supports you and your partner to deepen an already flourishing relationship through the facilitation of aligned living, conscious communication and increased intimacy. This offers committed time for each other and your relationship in order to unearth new levels of love, appreciation and respect. Through the use of the Thrive® method, I am here to assist you both in establishing and maintaining meaningful ways that promote:

  • Trust
  • Honouring each other as individuals
  • Reverence for each others wants, needs and aspirations
  • Intimacy on all levels
  • Vocalisation of truth that cultivates being seen, heard and appreciated
  • Equality that maintains balance and mutual respect

Quality time together is invaluable in maintaining a healthy relationship where each person feels seen, heard, loved and appreciated. Dedicated time away from the responsibilities of daily life, where you commit to being fully present with each other. A considered space for open communication and truthful expression, in order to cultivate balanced, healthy and fulfilling relationship. This retreat gifts the freedom to check-in with each other and honour the elements required to individually and collectively RISE and THRIVE!

If this resonates with you and you would like to chat in more detail, then please reach out so that we can have a more details chat on the telephone. This will help me to understand your personal and collective desires and how I can best support you through a retreat experience.

 ++ This retreat is the ideal pre-wedding gift, birthday present or alternatively an anniversary celebration. ++

Conscious Uncoupling Retreat

Inviting compassionate separation so that
you can both establish new lives

This 3-day retreat that supports you and your partner to consciously uncouple from your relationship or marriage. Once the decision has been made to separate, it can be challenging to know how to navigate the uncharted waters of emotions, the perpetual overthinking and the physical practicalities. It is often an emotive time for you both, as well as for your loved ones, with other people sharing their opinions which may cause further upset or confusion.

Consciously uncoupling facilitates the development of a harmonised space for you both to be seen, heard and respected. It cultivates conscious communication which serves the best interests of you and your family, so that healthy boundaries can be established, as well as a pathway which honours you both. If you have children, a conscious parenting agreement can be mutually created between you both, that supports the ongoing wellbeing of your children. Please be reassured that I am here to assist you both from a place of neutrality, honouring and compassion, so that you can:

  • maintain a respectful and positive relationship
  • establish clear boundaries for contact and communication
  • have constructive conversations that support your separation
  • process emotions so that you can be emotionally responsive instead of emotionally reactive
  • address any concerns and fears 
  • learn how to be emotionally contained in the presence of the children
  • find a helpful support network

If this resonates with you and you would like to chat in more detail, then please reach out so that we can have a more details chat on the telephone. This will help me to understand your personal circumstances and how I can best support you.

Retreat offering includes:

Eighteen hours of ‘Couples Facilitation’ (value £1,080)

All home-cooked meals to include 2-course lunch and 2-course dinner (Value £200)

Unlimited refreshments and snacks (Value £60)

2 nights stay in retreat accommodation with breakfast (Value £300)

Investment in your relationship: £1,499

A safe haven to connect with the elements of self and each other

Idyllically nestled in the southern aspect of the Snowdonia National Park Wales, Elements Retreat is nestled in natures medicinal elements; abundant fresh air, spectacular sunsets and the purifying waters of the rivers, waterfalls and sea, as well as the raw groundedness of the earth and rocks. Its extraordinary location facilitates the unfolding of the synchronicities that are present in our inner and outer worlds; the elements, cycles and innate resources. Being surrounded by and immersed in the elements, allows guests to collaborate with nature as a modality for healing, transformation and empowerment.

The retreat itself is located between Gors Y Gedol woods to the east and Morfa Dyffryn beach to the west. It is accessed via a private drive which provides discretion and anonymity. Your accommodation is located on the ground-floor of the house and has en-suite bathroom facilities. The room itself has been sympathetically decorated to compliment the local environment and is furnished with a king-size bed, wardrobe, dressing table and drink facilities. You have unrestricted access to a dining area and outside courtyard, where you can enjoy your meals or simply relax if you prefer. For your enjoyment you may sit outside in the arbor, bathing in the sound of the ponds gentle water fountain or listening to the blessing of the neighbouring sheep. From this spot, you can view the mountains in the distance in the day or alternatively, gaze at the stars at night. Snowdonia has some of the clearest views of the stars due to the absence of air pollution!

Nourishment for the mind, body & soul

As Hippocrates once said, ‘Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.’ Food is essential nourishment for our mind, body and soul, which is why at Elements, our aim is for you to depart content and replete. The menu is created with your food preferences in mind and all dishes are intentionally prepared with love. Helen prides herself on producing nourishing plant-based food that is not only pleasing to the eye, but to the stomach as well. Where possible, Helen will use organic ingredients and local produce. Please be reassured that a range of special dietary requirements such as gluten free can be catered for.

Sample Menu


Cherry Bakewell overnight oats served with a cacao smoothie

Apple Pie overnight oats served with mixed berry smoothie


Falafel wrap served with watermelon and feta salad

Three bean chilli wrap served with salsa, guacamole and salad


Vegetable Penang curry served with rice and cucumber salad

Moroccan tagine served with jewelled herby cous cous


Love potion chocolate mousse served with ice-cream

Lemon cake served with strawberries and cream

Confidentiality Statement

We deploy all efforts to protect the private nature of your personal information. Since we collect information about you using our website and through our email communication, we feel that it is important that you understand how we collect and use this information. The below summarises our personal information collection practices.

Personal Information Collection

All personal information collected by Soulful Woman Rising is done so exclusively with your consent, by means of a form posted on our website, an email attachment, a diagnostic telephone conversation or a physical document given on your arrival. No information is collected automatically.

Use of your Personal Information

The personal information collected is only used by our team for the purposes defined at the time of the collection or a use that complies with these purposes. Physical documents are stored safely and we do not share your information with any third parties.

As mentioned above, we use your personal information to appropriately process your appointent requests and present you with the information you need to access. We also use all of the information you provide voluntarily in order to allow the best preparation for your arrival and our ceremonies.

Sharing of your Personal Information

We will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations without your permission, including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists.