Welcoming you into the safety of your transformational space

Congratulations to you on taking this step for yourself. I’m super excited that you’re here, so let’s get started.

This website portal is your sacred space containing all Rise Up program modules and material. There are eight modules in total which you can complete at your own pace, although I recommend aiming to complete one module each week. This regular and persistent action will provide the momentum required for embodied and lasting empowerment, as well the successful achievement of the transformation you desire. 

On average each module takes between 2 – 3 hours, but please be aware that this can vary from person to person. I highly recommend diarising time each week dedicated to this program, gifting yourself time to read the material and complete the Soul Empowerment Exercises. This helps build routine and is good practice in prioritising your own needs, establishing a self-care plan and honours your transformational vision.

As you work through each module, your progress will automatically be tracked so that you can clearly see where you are. This helps you to pick top where you left off.

Course Curriculum

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Module 1 - Discovering Archetypes
Module 2 - Discovering Duality
Module 3 - Path To Empowerment
Module 4 - Reconciling The Critic Within
Module 5 - Returning To Empowerment
Module 6 - Reclaiming The Champion Within
Module 7 - Living In Alignment
Module 8 - Rise & Thrive
Bonus Material