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How do we break the cycles we find ourselves in?

By September 10, 2020No Comments

September in the Southern Hemisphere is a transitional month of seasons from winter to spring. The long dry season begins to receive rain, wind and hazy days. In Peru, temperatures are subtly on the rise, and those chilly mornings and evenings become a bit more humid. Spring; bringer of new life, opportunity, and a time to reflect on current projects that perhaps have been incubating during the winter months as well as venturing into and birthing new ones.

What I appreciate most about witnessing seasonal change externally, is the chance of reevaluation, reflection, incubation and action in my internal landscape too. Much like the seasons, the cycles we are part of, connected to our beliefs, habit patterns and emotions can be seen more predominantly during a time of transition.
Transition asks for change, and repeated cycles that show up in our life, in relationships, work life, family, decisions and opportunities can be used as a guide to highlight where we might need to focus on transformation.

How do cycles form in the first place?

Part of forming the world we live in is a self constructed system that incorporates language, energy, feelings and emotions experienced inside, expressed, or unexpressed, outwardly too. Our daily interactions with the world is a reality we create and contribute to the collective based on individual and shared consciousness capacities.

Within consciousness exists belief systems, cultural, historical and imprints from our ancestors as well as present circumstance and unfolding futures. These all contribute to the aspects of ourselves that are shaped initially during childhood and carried with us for life, until we awaken to them and begin to understand them. Our inner child is an amalgamation of conditioning, which manifests as facets of our personality, behavioural patterns and automatic responses (emotional, physical, mental).

Cycles may show up in your life as:

  • Similar and/or familiar relationships that play out almost predictably as we get to know it’s impact.
  • Emotional responses to situations, people, circumstance, actions, words, that come into our daily life experience and affect our mood, motivation, attitudes and outlook.
  • Behavioural patterns such as addictions, escapism, avoidance, confrontation, that serve as signals about whether they serve us for our highest good, or are destructive.

There are many hidden layers to our complex nature and character; our inner dialogue reveals a great deal of how we perceive the outside world, as well as how we talk to ourselves. This is a fantastic tool we can tap into to glean information on how our inner landscape is shaped. Our inner child believes everything we say about ourselves, inclusive of unconscious patterns such as negative self talk.

When we really tune in and listen, can we hear positive encouragement and support for ourselves each day? Are we unconsciously sabotaging relationships, circumstances, and standing in the way of ourselves through driven behaviours based on conditioning, beliefs and judgements that we are unaware operate and control output? In all likelihood we can remember such times when this occurred.

I’ve noticed the cycles, how to challenge them?

Once the observation is apparent and you are receiving a clear voice on the destructive, critical and non serving habit patterns, behaviours and beliefs held in conditioning, we begin to understand the nature of them.

  • Journaling can be helpful to give words to sometimes entwined and hidden stories.
  • Vocalising them to yourself during Mindfulness practices validates and reveals clearly the nature of the narrative, aiding you to decide intuitively whether they need attention, and working on to release.
  • Spending time with your inner child to listen and heal wounds connected with conditioning that is not serving you in your life.
  • Affirmations can serve as a supportive tool, reciting them each day, reaffirming alterations to conditioning you wish to transform.
  • Reach out! Seeking support in trusted circles, whether that comes from a friend, family member, support group or therapist, assists the healing process of identifying and working towards a transformation you wish to make.

As with all work on shifting perspectives, beliefs, altering conditioning, it will be reflected outwardly in your life; challenging the cycles allows one to see them for what they are, with clarity, and builds on trust within yourself to transform long held patterns into elements that serve and benefit one’s higher self, extending to those around us.

Cycles take time to truly transform

We may identify on an intellectual level and see clearly our behaviour patterns and automatic emotional reactions, and the practice comes with real time presence, forgiveness and bringing in love to ourselves. A continual interconnected relationship with our inner child is key in supporting the process of transforming and breaking long held cycles.

Spending time with our inner child, feeling, responding to and coaching them through the beliefs, conditioning and patterning held that isn’t serving, enables understanding to be integrated on the emotional level too. There may be energetic and emotional releases needed to let go of emotions that surround and weigh you down. Each wound can have various layers too, which may mean you need to revisit a situation a few times to fully get to the root and eventually this too will be free. Each stage we encounter is an opportunity to let go of what we are ready to change; self validation, acceptance, forgiveness.

Embodying our true essence, that naturally shines from our core, present in awareness, witnessing our divine nature, using the tools we have to integrate and practice is how we can tap into and begin to break the cycles we wish to be free from.

It’s a journey, one we’re all on together, with support and guidance available from internal and external resources. The choice is ready for the making.


Amy is dedicated to integration consultancy; founder of the Inner Council Workshop Series, an elaboration on Inner Child Work, and co-creator of an online women’s circle, which has blossomed into a truly sacred space where women are invited to share vulnerability, to be seen and heard in all aspects of themselves. Primarily working with the Inner Child archetype, Amy provides one to one and group workshops online, discussing theory, leading guided meditations and exercises, holding space to connect, explore and heal with your inner child.

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