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Inner Child Online Workshop

The Inner Child Workshop is conducted online as a one-to-one workshop.

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What is the Inner Child?

Inner Child work is a tangible and adaptive therapy technique that can be explained quite simply and continually developed by oneself following completion of the workshop. Often we carry wounds and trauma from birth and childhood with us into adulthood and these wounds play out in habit patterns, behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve us, trapping us in repeated loops and life lessons that we continually deny ourselves the ability to be free from.

Re-establishing a connection with our inner child takes time, dedication, patience and the workshop provides the tools to be able to make contact with your inner child, initiate a relationship with them and learn the self re-parenting techniques to be able to nurture and build a trust relationship, cultivating a life practice in self healing.

Meet Your Practitioner

How is the Workshop structured?

The workshop is scheduled over three sessions, usually completed between 7-10 days for one-to-ones, and three consecutive days for group workshops. There is approximately 5-6 hours of online time, supported with exercises to be completed in between sessions in your own time. The workshop contains written exercises and guided meditations which include re-birthing, imaginal and regressions, all held within a safe space. Tailored to meet individual circumstances and needs, paced accordingly, with time for sharing and reflecting stories and experiences.

The workshop explores the primary developmental stages of a child between birth up to 7 / 8 years old. Divided into three sessions we begin with the infant (birth to 18 months) where we first meet our Inner-Child, followed by the second stage, the toddler (18 months to 3 years of age) and the third stage, the pre-schooler (3 to 7 / 8 years of age) and finish with a review of what has been covered and the fundamental steps for continuing the Inner-Child work.

All materials are provided and you will receive a digital participant booklet, access to a private online portal, which contains digital copies of the booklet, reference guides, exercises, a space for you to keep notes and upload and share documents too.

The workshop is conducted via platforms such as Zoom for groups and Skype for one-to-ones with the choice of using video or audio only.

Upon completion of an Inner Child Workshop, a period of integration and practice is recommended during which support and guidance is continued. I offer follow up sessions online, which provide supporting feedback, suggestion of new techniques and help in continuing to integrate towards your goals.

Please contact me for inquiries and I am happy to have a call to meet you, discuss further details and answer any questions you may have.
I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Testimonies from Inner-Children

Nathanial, Vancouver Island

My background experience

Before doing the workshop I had read a couple books and found some information online that gave me a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and objectives of inner child work. I understood that there are sub personalities within myself that have their own emotional needs and expectations. The inner child being one of them can be further broken down into different aspects such as the wounded, emotional, angry child. There are also parts of ourselves that get stuck in their development due to emotional trauma. This information gave me a basic framework for exploring and beginning to communicate with these parts of myself. Most of the work I did was emotional release and understanding their needs and wounds.

Intentions and goals

I came to this workshop because I felt I was missing something in my process as there was so much releasing but little resolution.

New tools

The workshop definitely helped a great deal as it gave me more tools to effectively communicate to my inner child as well understand how I can more deeply interact with him and fulfill his emotional needs, which lead to major resolutions for these conflicted parts of myself and a greater sense of peace and calm that came as a direct result. I’m finding myself being less triggered in previously challenging situations. When triggers do cause an emotional response I’m finding it much easier to recognize the part of me that’s challenged and just be with it allowing it to be heard and felt which then dissipates the charge.

Overall experience

The experience was great for me. Amy has a calm and gentleness that radiates clearly and an understanding that shows she’s walking the path herself. I enjoyed our meetings so much and after the first, I was very much looking forward to the next ones. There was much insight, release, resolution, and growth within the sessions. There’s also been much after from continuing with the techniques. It definitely gave me a major missing piece to the puzzle that allowed me to take my own practice further.

Marina, London

Over the past year my therapist had been gently introducing me to the idea of being kinder to myself and to think of a tiny vulnerable part of me that could hear me being self-criticising and unkind and suffering from it. It was never a “named” method and I never thought much about it, but now looking back I could see that it was somehow “planting the seeds”.

Then, earlier this year, when I came across the description of this workshop it truly resonated with me – it felt so right, and I was very excited to begin. I went into the workshop with an open mind and an open heart and one of the intentions that I set for myself was to trust the process (because it had come to me at the right time). And how right I was!

The workshop has provided me with an invaluable set of tools and techniques that help me to connect with my inner child, to return to being at one with my intuition, to hear and feel my heart louder and more clearly with every day that passes! It is a beautiful and powerful practice and I could not imagine doing it with anyone else but with Amy! She is an incredibly warm and welcoming person and we connected straight away.

During the workshop, Amy was able to readily offer me options and alternatives if something didn’t quite sit right with me straight away and that was very beneficial to me. The format and the content of the workshop flowed so naturally, and each session absolutely flew by.

If your heart has led you to the workshop, listen to it!

Patti, Peru

Years ago I followed a Louise Hays recorded tape on embracing and lovingly supporting my Inner Child. It gave me great comfort and the guided meditation was useful. Following her LEAD to love and take care of my Inner Child was like a door opening!

My intention to participate in this workshop was to gain experience in liberating any stuck or suppressed emotions and experiences, getting to the Core of whatever Beliefs that have kept me stuck whenever I am triggered to feel as though I was still an un-nurtured child hiding behind my hurt and to release this once and for all.

The workshop taught me how to be Creative and to stay Present with my Inner Child by recognizing where her needs were not met. It guided me to Accept and Love Her by connecting and sharing joy, laughter, and love.

This enabled the Adult me to embrace and weave together with the Child me. Only Practice helps in merging the two parts of Me into a whole person, not a Victim of circumstance, by taking responsibility for daily Practice.

David, Germany

For me the inner child workshop with Amy was an entirely new experience, I had not had any particular background information or knowledge previous to the workshop. However, once or twice have heard briefly about the practice so I was aware that it exists.

Using meditation as a general tool for self-introspection for many years, the inner child workshop added a useful and valuable technique towards my practice. Information was clearly provided and the guided meditation from the workshop is still serving me as an entrance for deep and direct communication with my inner child. By being able to create a space (inside of me) to connect, I can consciously resolve tension and support the healing process we started during the workshop.

My overall experience was very positive and I feel gratitude towards the beautiful souls who shared the workshop space for the two days with me. Amy was a well prepared and competent facilitator and with her accepting, loving and calming attitude she guided us consciously through the different steps and practices. By giving and holding space for sharing and not just following a strict schedule, participants were able to connect with each other and share meaningful insights.

Also, by providing us with printed material and a take-away gift it was easier to take the experience out of the safe and protected workshop space into the at times busy daily life.

I can honestly and sincerely recommend this workshop to anyone open and interested in inner work and healing. It’s a simple and straightforward technique that everyone can learn but at the same time has a lot of power and potential. Just make sure Amy is your guide :).

Alison, England

When I first heard about this, I was concerned that really I didn’t have anything to contribute to this, I had a relatively good childhood, and I didn’t have any violence, I didn’t suffer any bad consequences as a child, but now I realise that some of the things that I’ve held as ideas for me, thought about myself, negative thoughts about myself have come from my childhood. For example, I feel like I’m always to blame, I feel like I’ve always got to say sorry to people and I feel guilty, I also feel misunderstood and sometimes I feel very angry that people I can’t vocalise what I want to say. I can remember feeling exactly the same as this when I was a child and I’ve now seem to have carried that forward to adulthood. I’m still going over the same issues as I was when I was a child. So being able to talk about this with Amy was a revelation really, because it wasn’t something that I’d have imagined had made a difference to my life, but I think it clearly has.

So, Amy and I talked about listening to our Inner Child, and going into ourselves, listening to what the Inner Child, what anxieties of the Inner Child has, being able to talk about that, being able to ensure the Inner Child that everything is ok. So through a structure of mediation and talking I can now return to that feeling, I can reassure my Inner Child that everything is safe and everything is OK and I can be assured that those feelings aren’t true and that’s not what makes me the way I am, it’s just something that I’ve believed in for all these years, so I now have a structure and a meditation to go forward and for the rest of my life be able to return to that, and to reassure myself when I’m anxious, when I’m misunderstood, I’m angry, that things will be OK and I don’t have to feel like that for any longer.

Alex, Canada

I had no idea just how powerful of a process I would be getting into when I set foot into the Inner-Child workshop. I was scattered, carrying a long lasting anxiety in my heart, and in need of support. Having tried various techniques and workshops, something resonated deeply when I connected with these workshops. Through working with her I began exploring with childlike curiosity what was the reason for the anxiety and I began to recognize the unmet needs that I’ve been conditioned to ignore.

What began as a workshop has become a lasting practice of joyfully tuning into my true needs and discovering the acceptance and joy that was waiting for me. The confusion and doubts I had around my needs during the anxiety were replaced with a grounded process of checking in with myself and honoring the process, step-by-step, and with acceptance. Now I feel relieved and happy that I have a stable toolset for clarity around what I need vs external expectations I and others have set for me. Using this toolset has led me to feel more functional and allows me to discover how I choose to shine on any given day, and fully go for it, free of previous shyness and anxiety.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover the connection with my intuition increase along with the reawakening of a rich inner world that I’ve explored as a child. I was further surprised to discover how this new joy fed into being more functional in my day-to-day.

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