Welcome beautiful soul. It's an honour to be here for you.


Self-Realisation Mentor & Wellbeing Facilitator

Founder of Soulful Woman Rising® & Soul Alignment Medicine®
Custodian of Elements Retreat, Wales

Hello and welcome. It’s such a joy to connect with you in this space. Thank you for being here. I’m Helen the founder of Soulful Woman Rising®, creator of Soul Alignment Medicine® and owner of Elements Retreat. I am also a dedicated wife, devoted mother of 2 beautiful adult children, caring daughter and faithful friend. Like you and everyone else sharing the planet with us; I have many identities that exist around the core of who I am.

In order to cultivate a relationship with you based on the foundation of truth, integrity and trust, I would like to share a little about myself here. I happily provide honest insights into who I am and why my soul-work is so precious to me. I therefore invite you to grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read my sharing, as well as feel into its essence and resonance.

Sharing My Story

Like most I’m sure, I have a life story that is rich with many chapters ranging from despair to joy, loneliness to belonging, fragility to strength, physical illness to wellbeing and lack to abundance, as well as everything else in between. I have experienced many treasured moments in my life and feel blessed every day.  I am fortunate to have an abundance of cherished memories that nourish me and will stay with me forever.

At the other end of the spectrum I have also experienced times of challenge. On these occasions I was and still am, repeatedly guided back to myself as the medicine I need to heal my emotional wounds, mental obstacles or destructive sabotaging behaviours. This is as true today as it was when I began my self-realisation journey over twenty years ago. I carry on with grace, to practice the unlearning of my conditioned false self and the embodiment of my true self, so that I can continue to lead an enriched, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Upon reflection, the most burdensome moments in my life, transpired to be the greatest blessings! These moments encouraged me to explore the unchartered territories of my inner landscape of beliefs, feelings and behaviours, where I discovered my true self, power and potentiality waiting for me. Without these challenges, I feel that I would not have developed some of the qualities that I hold dear today. These include kindness, empathy, consideration, patience, tolerance, forgiveness and transparency. Demanding times also required me to dig deep into my inner resources and align with my inner courage, strength, trust and faith, as well as develop skills such as conscious communication and authentic expression. Little did I realise at the time, that these qualities, resources and skills would not only aid myself, but also benefit my family, friends and clients too. 

Sharing My Passion and Soul-Work

Throughout my life, I have always been inquisitive. My friends believe that I am the eternal student, as each year I embark in learning something new. Even during times of challenge, I remained curious and open to the opportunity for transformational healing through various healing modalities. I would then passionately share these learnt life tools with others, with the intention of empowering them to find their own inner medicine.

As my journey unfolded, I became aware that my passion for learning and sharing was in fact the very reason why I’m here. The training courses that I had completed for my own personal transition were in fact modalities that I could formally share with others in a professional capacity. I realised that my passion was my purpose and vice versa and so I set up practice to begin supporting women during times of personal challenge.

As I continued on my own personal journey and refined who I am, I altered my offerings. Just as I evolved, so too did my soul-work, as I believe that my role is a reflection of who I am; a culmination of what I have professionally learnt, as well as personally experienced, integrated and embodied. In 2020, ten years after establishing my practice, Soulful Woman Rising was born. I now devote my life to supporting others to Rise & Thrive in their full power and potentiality, so that they can experience an enriched, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Soul Alignment Medicine®

I have formally trained in numerous healing modalities including Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Educational Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Plant Medicine and most recently Women’s Mysteries. A few years ago, I channeled my own healing modality that I was guided to name Soul Alignment Medicine®. This is a unique blend of the expertise I’ve gained and my life experiences, as well as intuitive guidance.

SAM® is a client-focussed, heart-centered approach that empowers individuals to re-connect with their own healing capabilities and become their own empowerment authority.

My Offerings

Currently living on the mid-west coast of Wales, UK; my offerings are either in-person or online via Skype/ Zoom

  • Rise & Thrive Mentoring Program
    • Launching September 2022
  • Rise & Thrive Membership
    • Launching September 2022


Integrative Therapist & Wellbeing Coach

Amy is dedicated to integrative therapies; founder of the Inner Council Workshop Series, an elaboration on Inner Child Work, co-creator of an online women’s circle, holding space as a wellbeing coach, incorporating guided meditation, movement, breath and energy work, Amy creates truly sacred spaces where women are witnessed, seen and heard, inviting and facilitating profound healing and transformation. Primarily working with the Inner Child archetype, Amy provides one to one and group workshops online, discussing theory, leading guided meditations and exercises, holding space to connect, explore and heal with your inner child.

My path to holistic healing modalities

During my extensive travels in South America, I’ve invested thousands of hours into my own personal development. Always curious for adventure and learning from experiences that provide the opportunity for transformative healing and personal growth. On this journey I’ve realised and answered the calling to become an integration specialist and dedicate my life, fulfilling my soul purpose. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in silent meditation retreats, being in service to others, volunteering and supporting others to realise their vision and dreams in numerous projects. Collaborations speak deeply to my heart.

One such project was working in a family-run healing centre in the Sacred Valley of the Inca in Peru, supporting the development of preparation and integration practices for those coming to visit the centre to undertake deep personal transformations with plant medicines. Working alongside Andean healers and Shamans, I learned the art of holding safe and sacred space in a ceremonial setting, which enabled me to do the same for others. I was fortunate to also work alongside an inspiring energy healer who introduced me to inner child work. This was the profound change and shift in my life I had been seeking.

With my academic background and interest in psychology, a desire to work with people and support healing for myself and others, it was a perfect combination with which I could step forward and offer a practical, tangible and accessible healing modality to the world.

I share a passion for Cacao and hold deep reverence for the medicinal potential after working personally and connecting with Cacao in the Amazon jungle in Peru, which has led to a natural evolution of combining Cacao with healing modalities such as guided meditations, shamanic journeys and inner child work.

As a yoga guide, I enjoy sharing a range of vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga based practice that is gentle, well paced and nurturing, drawing on inspiration from Tai Chi, meditation and breathwork.

Sharing my soul led passion

Combining my own practices into a holistic approach to healing I am set on my mission to empower other women to self realise and transform. By sharing these practices, tools and techniques I hold space for personal healing and transformation to take place. An alchemical approach to holistic healing, I offer a range of modalities such as inner child work, intuitive wellbeing coaching, movement, breath and energy work.

Inner Child work gets to the root of understanding how our thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and emotions affect and impact our daily life and emparts tools with which you can make profound shifts and change for yourself.

Instead of reacting and being caught in the same destructive cycles and patterns of behaviours and relationships, you learn techniques to overcome them that improves mental health, quality of life and ultimately a happier, healthier you. Having worked with people with depression, anxiety, self destructive tendencies and addictions, eating disorders and extremely challenging relationships, I’ve assisted individuals to make the changes they desire for their lives.

Uplifting collective consciousness

I believe every being deserves abundance, self fulfilment and joy. I understand we live in a world where these elements could be perceived as unreachable, unattainable or unrealistic. I know from experience that it is possible to make profound personal transformation and to lead a life that you co-create, rather than feeling like you are being subjected to. To live each moment and cultivate that felt sense of aliveness, first of all within yourself and then outwardly to those around you. For the collective transformation of the feminine, this work is foundational to unlocking your soul connection to self, source and community.

I am passionate about sharing these healing modalities because I’ve witnessed deep and profound personal transformations in myself and others. I believe and value self empowerment; that you are your own healer, medicine and guru. Those components are all within you.

My Offerings

Currently living in the Sacred Valley, Peru. All my offerings are Online, via Zoom, or other Communication Platforms that work for you.

Our aspiration is to

Inspire - Serve - Empower

A Soulful Collaboration Unfolds

Helen and Amy met in the Sacred Valley in Peru in 2019. Numerous shared synergies naturally invited a connection to develop and since their synchronistic meeting, they have witnessed and supported each other, allowing for a deeper connection to blossom. They have grown in womanhood together, encouraging each other to flourish. They share a commitment of service and support to women through self-empowerment and intuitive led therapies. United, they encourage and are passionate about the rising feminine, honouring the divine within, awakening true potential, and following one’s own path. They trust that their collaboration inspires other women worldwide to perceive what is possible when the healed sisterhood come together with a common cause for humanity.

Our Mission

To support women worldwide to be their own authority through connection and conscious integration of their feminine archetypes. Enabling women to reclaim innate wisdom, trust themselves fully and build resilience for leading a self-empowered, self-created life.

Our Vision

A world of ‘Soulful Women’ who embody their feminine power by living in flow with the rhythm of their bodies and honouring their natural cycles. Attuned to their innate wisdom, freely expressing their authentic selves, they inspire others to do the same.

Our Values

Empowerment ⦿ Honesty ⦿ Integrity ⦿ Transparency ⦿ Connection
Acceptance ⦿ Trust ⦿ Choice ⦿ Expression ⦿ Safety ⦿ Community

Confidentiality Statement

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Personal Information Collection

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Use of your Personal Information

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