2.2 Activation Cacao Ceremony



This is your personal invitation to join Helen, Amy and other like-hearted women around the world in circle. United, under a collective vision, we will step more fully into our sovereignty so that we together we can rise and thrive!

Helen and Amy are collaborating on 2nd February at 7.30pm GMT for a special 2.2 Activation Cacao Ceremony. During this online activation, Helen and Amy will gently guide you through meditation to the Sacred White Temple of Light. Supported by the Divine Council of Light, you will be purified of any outdated light codes from the old paradigm that may be unconsciously nurturing your shadow limiting beliefs, toxic emotional patterns and unhealthy behaviours, so therefore sabotaging true love, pure joy and genuine fulfilment in al aspects of life. 

“When we awaken our true nature, claim our sacred power and embrace our authentic self we RISE! As each person RISES, we create a society that connects through their sacred hearts, harmoniously collaborates and collectively THRIVES!
Helen Courtney
Founder of Soulful Woman Rising®

During this sacred Cacao Ceremony, you will receive potent light transmissions, so that you can integrate and embody new light codes that organically align you to the high frequencies of light universally available at this time. These codes increase your vibrational rate, enable you to step deeper and more confidently into the truth of who you are and align to your inner empowering resources, so that you can lead the life you desire and deserve.

What is so special about 2.2?

This ceremony is intentionally and purposely being held on the 2nd day of the 2nd month in the year 2022. Why? In numerology, number 2 is known as a supremely feminine force that represents both grace and power. Through co-operation it aims to bring peace and balance into all aspects of life. Number 22 is a powerful master number known as the ‘Master Architect’, as it holds the potentiality to birth dreams into reality.

In the year 2022, 2 and 22 are separated by the number 0, which in numerology terms represents all that is, including all potential. It holds the capacity to amplify the energies surrounding it, therefore supporting the connection to our feminine powers in aligning to and birthing our potentiality in all aspects of life including relationships, soul work, health and wealth.

We look forward to being in circle with you, so that individually we can rise as our true sovereign self and collectively we can create a New Earth.

We recommend preparing by:

  • Cleansing and creating your sacred space
  • Mindfully brewing your sacred cacao
  • Making available pillows and blankets for your comfort

We recommend having available:

  • Glass of water for hydration
  • Journal/paper and pen to make notes
  • Oracle Cards (optional)

We look forward to being in circle with you, so that individually we can rise as our true sovereign self and collectively we can create a New Earth.

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