7.7.7 Activation


This is a recording of a Live Ceremony that took place on 7.7.7

This Activation can however, be completed at any time that you feel drawn to work with your Sirian Guides and the Sirian Medicine Keepers.



7.7.7 Sirian Activation

Remembering & Returning To Wholeness

This ceremony guides you through a full purification of your 13 Chakras, so that you can successfully release all dense energies that bind you to your FALSE SELF. These are energies such as:

  • disempowering beliefs about yourself E.g self doubt, not good enough
  • unhelpful emotional patterns E.g being emotionally reactive, victim consciousness
  • unhealthy behaviours e.g procrastination, indecisiveness
  • sabotaging imprints e.g people pleasing tendencies, self-sacrifice

The purification ceremony also includes the removal of misqualified karmic energies, redundant akashic records and etherial devices such as viruses, implants and blockers.

In the Activation stage of the ceremony, you will be guided to the Sirian Temple where the Medicine Keepers will initiate your Sirian Codes of Light and enable you to re-establish your energetic Sirian circuitry that unites your full chakra system, energy pathways and field of light. This energetic upgrade helps align to your TRUE SELF essence, which is the reality of who YOU are and are here to be. This includes:

  • empowering beliefs about yourself E.g self belief, trust and faith
  • emotional resilience and the ability to respond (as opposed to react)
  • conscious capability to establish and maintain boundaries with yourself and others
  • personal discernment E.g knowing when something is right for you
  • intuitive decision making E.g decisions which are best for you and your wellbeing
  • healthy and empowering behaviours E.g action that are aligned for you and at the most appropriate time

May you receive the gifts that you desire and deserve from this Activation, so that you can THRIVE!

7.7.7 Sirian Activation

Remembering & Returning To Wholeness

This Sirian Gateway offers us the opportunity of spiritual advancement through freedom from False Self limitations and a deeper connection to our True Self power, potential and purpose. 

We are living in a time when we are being universally invited to evolve at a more advanced rate than ever before. Perhaps you are sensing this at the moment as a desire for change, emotional discomfort, mental unrest or a dissatisfaction with life. Or maybe you are already developing and aspire for new levels of awakening and remembering. 


False Self vs True Self

Regardless of age, race and upbringing, you will have been conditioned to BE the woman you are today. Parts of you are the TRUE you, whilst aspects are FALSE facets that have developed as self-preservation. The FALSE facets consist of coping strategies engrained to help you manage modern life, beliefs designed to keep you safe, emotional reactions intended to protect you. All of these FALSE SELF traits exist to keep you safe, but the TRUTH is that they ARE limiting you, your happiness and success. 

Your TRUTH self is within you and always has been. You may be living from parts of your TRUE self already, whilst others aspects lie dormant. The wholeness of your TRUE self is ready to be fully re-awakened so that you can remember WHO you REALLY ARE; an incredibly powerful, wise and gifted woman. You ARE a feminine force here to be seen, heard, acknowledged and loved. You ARE here to live as the fullest expression of your potential, power and purpose, so that you can experience the life you desire and deserve.

Time For You To THRIVE

During specific times of the year we are collectively invited to embrace new levels of ascension. These occur at transitional times during the Wheel of the Year, as well as at particular astrological points which are often referred to as Portals or Gateways. On 4th of this month, a SACRED energy portal activated between the Earth and the star Sirius and will remain open until 8th July. This energy portal gifts us LIGHT CODES that facilitate our personal and collective ascension into higher frequencies of love; enabling US to embody new aspects of our TRUE Self.


How Can The Syrian Portal Facilitate CHANGE 

Sirius facilities FREEDOM by gifting us high frequency energies that enable us to release the limitations of our FALSE Self and shift into our TRUE Self essence. We can consciously work with these incoming energies to create REAL and lasting CHANGE. This year the Sirian 7.7 Portal opens on a 7 year (2+0+2+3), adding to the potency of the shifts we are capable of embodying. The universal meaning of 7 is wholeness and completeness.


Inviting You To Gather Online. Together we are the CHANGE

I welcome you to gather with myself and other like-hearted women at this pivotal time in our personal evolution, humanities collective ascension and the Earth’s progression. The more of us that gather, the greater the change we can generate; UNITED with one vision and one mission.

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