Agua De Florida


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Agua De Florida

Agua De Florida manufactured by Murray and Lanman, is a South American Cologne that dates back to 1808. The name translates to ‘water of the flowers’ due to the floral nature of the scent. It is a unique blend of grain alcohol with scents of orange flower blossom, clove, cinnamon, rose and bergamot. Florida Water is highly valued for its many cleansing, restorative and protective properties. It can be used in various types of spiritual rituals and/or ceremonies for personal and space purification, as well as a persons physical, psychological and emotional betterment.

Note: Agua De Florida is flammable, so please do not use near an open flame. Thank you.

The Uses Of Agua De Florida




Clearing Energetic Field

Raise Your Vibration

Home/ Space Purification

Aid Meditation

Uplift Mood

To Start A Sacred Fire

Relieve Anxiety

Cleanse Sacred Tools

Aid Sleep

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