Andean Altar Gift-set


Unique and handmade items from Andean communities in the Sacred Valley in Peru.
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Andean alpaca weaving

This gift-pack has been put together as an offering from indigenous Andean communities in the Sacred Valley of the Inca who still employ the traditional weaving practices of the mountain cultures here in Peru. During the last couple of years it’s been difficult for these communities to make an income from their traditional works and we’ve visited them and listened to their incredible stories and practices that are at the core of their community.

The gift-pack is centred around a beautiful pure alpaca weaving that has natural dyes and can be washed with shampoo. Pure alpaca wool is difficult to source outside of the Andean mountains and we are very excited to be able to assist the community in supporting their work and traditional efforts. Size is approx. 160cm X 58cm and colours vary.

Additional gift-pack items

Hand painted Andean plate

These beautiful hand painted plates are used to record memories and traditions that uphold the cultural heritage of each community. In turn, these are recorded tales depicting calendar events, ceremonies and memories to support the oral histories of their ancestors.

These plates have two small holes to allow them to be hung or placed on an altar.

Size is approx. 24cm.

Altar purse

There are always a few special items from our altar that we like to take with us wherever we go. This altar purse is quite large enough to carry around stones, incense and other little treasure so that you can connect and cleanse wherever you are. These bags are made from thick Andean sheep’s wool and use natural dyes from various plants that are found in the Andean mountains. All purses are unique and the colours will vary.

Size approx. 28cm x 21cm

Andean shamanic rattle

A beautifully engraved Andean rattle, used in ceremony to call spiritual guides. Andean shamans make much emphasis on naming guides and ancestors and call to them into ceremony using Quechua.

Jamuy (come), Hampi (medicine), Apu (mountain spirit).

These pieces are unique and each made from hand by members of the Andean communities. One rattle is included in each gift-pack.

Small altar mat

These beautiful sheep and alpaca mats are used for outdoor ceremonies where the community members make offerings each morning to the mountains and to pachamama. Upon these mats will be placed coca leaves and other offerings of gratitude in asking for abundance and the health of individuals and prosperity for the community.

Size approx. 39cm x 29cm

Inca stone calendar

A beautiful hand carved stone calendar of the Inca people, still used today by the native Andean communities. These calendars were traditionally used to mark the seasons based on solar and lunar cycles and gave advice on when to plant crops and move animals to different pastures. The calendar is important in shamanic practices as it represents the cycle of death and rebirth and personal transformation. Shamans honour the calendar as a directional compass for their manifestations and communication with pachamama, their connection to nature and intuition.

To be hung or placed on an altar.
Size is approx. 12cm.

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