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Conscious Cacao Ceremony

The ultimate self-empowerment portal that supports authentic expression through deep self-awareness, understanding and transformation.

“By gifting yourself sacred space to dive deep within with ceremonial cacao, you make the unconscious conscious and free yourself of the limiting beliefs, reactions, and behaviours that restrict you and your life. As a heart medicine, cacao gently guides you back to the truth of who you are by helping you awaken your true nature, claim your feminine power and express your authentic self.”
Helen Courtney

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is a gathering in which individuals come together to drink plant medicine, as a gateway to deeper self-awareness, understanding and expansion. Ceremonies offer a safe space of exploration individually and collectively; to integrate the medicine of the shadow self and step more fully into the authentic self. By offering space free from distraction, ceremonies provide a quiet haven from the chaos of modern life in which to connect with yourself and like-spirited women. They offer profound ritual and are a magical self-empowerment tool.

Welcoming you into the space of a Conscious Cacao ceremony

Conscious Cacao ceremonies are facilitated by Helen Courtney; a qualified Cacaoista. Helen is passionate about restoring the value of plant medicine circles in the modern world. Through her own personal relationship with cacao, Helen has cultivated her own special style of ceremony that is enriched by Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ practices and feminine wisdom. Ceremonies also honor the Wheel of the Year and lunar cycles, in order to help women live in flow with the rhythm of their own bodies, align to their intuition and embody their inner resources.

Inviting self-empowerment

During a Conscious Cacao ceremony, you are energetically held in the protective container of the circle. In communion with cacao, Helen invites you to become your own healing authority and gently guides you to journey within and access your own innate wisdom.  From this place of authentic connection, you will find the clarity and courage to let go of all that no longer serves you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Depending on the theme of the ceremony, you will be guided to gracefully let go of:

conditioned beliefs

emotional wounds

reactive behavioural patterns

ancestral programming

karmic residue

toxic etheric attachments

Once purified of non-serving energies, you are free to welcome in pure energies that align to your authentic self and expression, so that you can lead an empowered, fulfilling and purposeful life.

Conscious Cacao ceremonies empower you to:

claim and live in your power

know and live your own truth

listen to, trust and act upon your intuition

discern what serves you, your path and purpose

What is Conscious Cacao?

Conscious Cacao is a ceremonial cacao; organic, raw and free from nasties and is GMO free. It contains an amazing range of beneficial properties, among these, are precursors to neurotransmitters. These chemical messengers affect your mood and can very delicately alter your mental perspectives. These shifts, although subtle, can bring forth an awakened emotional-intelligence, a door to personal transformation through inner journeying and self-love. If you trust, surrender and get out of your own way, then cacao can show you many insights. If you choose to work with cacao with commitment, she can be the bridge that awakens you to your personal power and encourages you to make simple changes so that you align with who you truly are and live an authentic and limitless life.

How Conscious Cacao started

2018 was my fibromyalgia recovery year in which I began searching for something natural to help improve my mood, increase my magnesium levels and heal the root cause of my dis-ease. Little did I know that cacao would provide the answer to all three of these. Just 4 months on, I was guided to attend a Cacao Ceremony at my local yoga studio, not really knowing what to expect. I was blown away by the transformative experience, that I began to drink it regularly.

Fast forward to July the same year and I attended a women’s retreat in Glastonbury. Upon arrival, I discovered that the organiser had booked a cacao ceremony for us.  I was super excited and couldn’t wait to be in ceremony with cacao again. This ceremony took me even deeper than the first, providing much healing and clarity. It also ignited a calling within me and was the catalyst that compelled me to take a leap of faith and enroll to become a cacaoista.

Cacao blended perfectly with the healing modalities that I was already trained in, so when I returned home I immediately integrated it into my work. I held monthly ceremonies with the intention of helping women rediscover the power of sitting in circle and working with plant medicine as a self-healing and self-empowerment tool. This intention still inspires me today and I have been incredibly blessed to have introduced many women to cacao and I have witnessed profound transformations thanks to the healing medicine of cacao. Every ceremony is totally different, providing what each woman needs at that moment. It is such an honour and privilege to work with cacao in this way.

With soulful love and cacao blessings


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