Discovery Call With Helen




An invitation to gently explore what's currently challenging you. This may be a physical situation such a relationship breakdown, grief due to loss or a change of career. Alternatively, it may be a lack of confidence, anxiety or overwhelm. It could also possibly be mental turmoil such as imposter syndrome, people pleasing tendencies or burn out. Whatever is troubling you right now, please know that you do not have to endure it alone.

You may be wondering ... what is a Discovery Call?

The ‘Discovery Call’ opens a safe, contained space for you to express and explore your thoughts and feelings, as well as talk about anything that is troubling you. I promise to listen free from judgement and aim to be present, so that you feel witnessed, your feelings heard and concerns acknowledged.

Through focussed discussion, we’ll explore the discomfort, stress or challenge that is currently impacting you and your life. Together, we will uncover the sacred wound within you that influences the decisions you make and actions you take in life. We will also unearth your inherent fight/flight/freeze response and how this impacts you realising your potential and achieving your aspirations. This information formulates your false (shadow) self template, which reveals when triggered, what unconscious beliefs, thoughts, feelings and coping strategies are activated.

Furnished with this information, provides us both with an understanding if I am the best placed person to support you. I work from a place of integrity, so will never never coerce you into making a decision on the call. In fact I encourage you to take some time to consider what we have discussed and feel into the best way to proceed. I believe this is important in helping us to establish a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

“The path to change begins with a single step.”

A 'Discovery Call' aims to:

– alleviate any apprehensions about opening up to someone you don’t yet know

– reassure you of having a safe space for expression; free from judgment and that’s completely confidential

– provide a blueprint of how you can successfully transition from where you are to where you wish to be

– feel into the offering that is best placed to support you at this time

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