Inner Child Integration Package


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Upon completion of the Inner Child Workshop, integration over the following weeks and months is a continual and significant part of the process in nurturing and building the relationship with your inner child.

Digesting the material, your personal experience and putting into practice the tools and techniques you’ve learned takes time, and perhaps some getting used to!

The Integration Package offers

  • Dedicated time and space held for exploring deep rooted beliefs, conditioning, trauma, patterning, emotional pain, blockages that no longer serve you in your daily life
  • Support and guidance at every step held in a safe space
  • Opportunity for regressions with your inner child
  • Practice integrating the tools and techniques learned in the workshop
  • Focused attention to discuss any aspect, new or familiar, that is coming up for you
  • A forum for asking questions, clarifying workshop material and reflections since completing the workshop
  • Gentle confidence building to trust your intuition
  • Learn new techniques and supportive practices for complimenting inner child work
  • Receive support and additional insights from an experienced practitioner

I also work with Inner Child Cards and can provide single or detailed card readings during our sessions too.

For more details visit our What’s Online Inner Child Workshop Additional Integration Package.

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3 x 1 hour sessions, 5 x 1 hour sessions

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