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Hello, I’m so pleased that you’ve been guided here. Welcome. I’m Helen the founder of Soulful Woman Rising. I am delighted that you’ve arrived here and are curious about engaging in Self-Realisation Mentoring. Having worked with various mentors myself over the years, I appreciate the importance of connecting with the right mentor, who creates a safe environment for open expression that is free from judgement. It’s therefore my intention to share useful information with you here, so that it may answer questions that could be on your mind. I also invite you to schedule a ‘Discovery Call’ with me, if you prefer to chat in person rather than read through lots of information.

Remaining in a place of avoidance or denial keeps you trapped in unhelpful patterns and cycles
It's time to STOP existing and START living!

What is Self-Realisation Mentoring?

Self-Realisation Mentoring facilitates meaningful change that has a positive impact on your mental health, emotional wellbeing and your ability to navigate day to day life and/or times of challenge or change. Through consistent action and progressive transformation, you are supported to achieve real, embodied adjustments that enable you to live freely and authentically, in order to experience the life you desire and deserve.

As your mentor, I walk alongside you, providing guidance, transformational healing and teaching you how to be your own source of empowerment. The aim is to help you identify and immobilise the conditioned programmes of your negative thoughts, destructive emotional patterns and unhelpful coping strategies that are the blueprint for how you think, feel and behave moment by moment, consciously or unconsciously.

If chosen as your mentor, I support you to take ownership for yourself and your life. Through accountability, I encourage dedicated time for you to develop positive ways of thinking, build emotional awareness and adopt healthy behaviours that support your mental health and general wellbeing. I empower you to carve out dedicated time for you; guilt free, so that you can take the persistent action and apply the consistent changes required to create the outcome you desire and deserve.

The modality I work with is called Soul Alignment Medicine® which is a self-realisation model that I designed and have worked with for many years. It is unique blend of educational kinesiology, transpersonal hypnotherapy, touch for health, archetype alchemy, energy healing and shamanic womancraft practices. This takes into consideration the four aspects of our being that fashion who we are as an individual:

  • Soul Blueprint – what we believe to be true about society and our place in society. How we are able to ‘show up’ for ourself
  • Thought Blueprint – what we believe to be true about ourself, others and the world. Influences the lens that we view life and the decisions we make.
  • Emotional Blueprint – how we feel about ourself, others and the world. Influences the emotional lens that we experience life through and how we emotionally react to particular people or in certain circumstances.
  • Physical Blueprint – how we behave and/or cope during times of overwhelm, stress or worry. Influences the actions we take in life.

My presence in our relationship is one of education, transformation and empowerment and yours one of awareness, learning and practice. Together, we negotiate the gentle transitioning through whatever is creating a challenge for you to a place where you feel empowered, resourceful and at peace.

Why choose me as your Self-Realisation Mentor?

Engaging with me as your mentor prevents you from having to waste time reading tons of books, listening to numerous podcasts and watching lots of videos, in order to obtain information that may help you. I have done that for you during my 25+ years of training, so if you are time poor, this is a huge advantage for you. i don’t deny that those things are educational, but knowing how to practically apply that knowledge is key in order to transition from where you are now to where you desire to be. Therefore, through the application of proven practices, I can support you to make the changes that will positively impact you, how you feel about yourself and how you live your life.

By working with me, you also gain tools for life that facilitate your ability to be aware of and recognise your personal belief and fear blueprint, emotional patterns that generate particular reactions within and from you and coping strategies which sabotage the decisions you make and actions you take in life. This fundamental understanding of yourself is what supports your transition from where you are to where you want to be, as well as navigating your way through future personal or life challenges.

Self-Realisation Mentoring frees you from

Self-limiting beliefs such as:

  • not being enough
  • being too much
  • having to be perfect
  • vulnerability is a weakness
  • having to please others in order to be accepted
  • imposter syndrome
  • unconsciously fearing judgement, rejection or loss

Self-limiting emotional patterns such as:

  • it’s unsafe to express how I feel, as it may cause upset
  • I need to cry in order for others to pay any attention to how I feel
  • conflict avoidance
  • feeling guilty when you make time for you
  • running away when things get challenging (flight response)
  • feeling that everything in life is a battle (fight response)
  • Not knowing what to do (freeze response)

Self-limiting behavioural patterns such as:

  • people pleasing tendencies that invite external validation from others
  • codependent behaviours
  • coercive control/ manipulation
  • self-sabotaging behaviours such as procrastination
  • addiction

Self-Realisation Mentoring empowers you to develop

Self-empowering beliefs such as:

  • I am enough
  • My best is good enough
  • I am safe to ask for support, as I accept my limitations
  • I align to people who accept and love me as I am

Self-empowering emotional patterns such as:

  • I am safe to express how I feel, is a considered manner
  • I am not responsible for how others receive
  • I deserve time for myself
  • I am capable of navigating life’s challenges

Self-empowering behavioural patterns such as:

  • self-nourishing activities e.g yoga, mediation, craft
  • self-acceptance through self-affirming practices
  • being capable to take timely, aligned action
  • the ability to transition between independent and interdependent relationships

Are you fed up of surviving each day rather than truly living it?
Would you benefit from being supported by someone during a time of challenge or change, so that you can come through the other side empowered?
Have you tried other healing modalities to no avail or perhaps tried to manage alone. Now is the time to wrk with someone that can genuinely help you to achieve the results you desire?

You recognise that mentoring would be valuable but feel apprehensive? That's understandable. Please press the button below to schedule a Discovery Call, so that we can chat in person

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