Monthly Medicine Circle


Next Circle:

Wednesday 4th October from 7 – 9pm

2023 Circle Dates:

Wednesday 1st November from 7 – 9pm

Wednesday 6th December from 7 – 9pm



Inviting Wellbeing & Self-Empowerment Through Connection

Medicine Circle focuses on the conscious connection we experience with our ‘self’ and others and how this supports our overall well-being; physically, emotionally and mentally. Each month has a different nature based theme that supports and deepens our understanding and relationship to Self. Being in circle provides beneficial time for you and a supportive space for transformation.

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

Brené Brown

Human connection is a key part of our development and wellbeing. Modern day living however can create feelings of isolation and disconnection from our self, our families and communities. Our ancestors embraced circles as a common form of social interaction, where they would regularly share food, stories and wisdom, as well as pass down traditions. ‘Medicine Circle’ aims to restore the power of the circle, by providing a safe and nurturing space for like-hearted individuals to come together.

Circle Framework

Delivering a proven framework that provides clarity, cultivates self-healing and facilitates self-empowerment

As circle facilitator, gatherings are considerately structured to serve the needs of those present. My personal approach is one of knowledge sharing, inner journey work and shamanic practices. My desire for you, is to be able to let go of the beliefs that hinder you, emotional patterns that bind you and unhelpful coping strategies that restrict you. This opens space for you to consciously connect with and align to your inner resources such as confidence, self-belief, courage and worthiness, as well as your innate gifts.

Opening Sacred Space & Circle

We begin with the practice of opening sacred space, so that we have a united container to gather together. This establishes a safe and protected energetic environment for all. Formally opening space also ensures that we connect and are present from a place of reverence, grace and humility. Sacred space helps us to be fully present with our bodies, thoughts and feelings, as well as in the present moment.

Theme Wisdom Share

Each gathering centres around a particular theme that relates to a particular aspect of wellbeing or personal growth. Wisdom sharing is a fundamental part of the circle, as it provides context for our self-healing and self-empowerment journey. It is an opportunity for growth through learning and encourages us to explore how the theme relates to us personally; physically, emotionally and mentally. Wisdom sharing is often a catalyst for the flow of specific thoughts, feelings and/or sensations that may have been previously suppressed, repressed or avoided. Please be reassured that only that which is ready to emerge from the shadows of your unconscious into the light of your consciousness for exploration will present itself.

Guided Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey is crafted by myself and compliments the theme of the month. Journeying is a practice that anyone is capable of participating in. No previous experience in required. This guided practice facilitates the gentle exploration of the inner landscapes of your heart, mind, body and soul, so that you can deepen your awareness of self.

From here you may discover aspects of your False Self (shadow) that you wish to reconcile, due to the discomfort, disharmony or imbalance that is being caused for you. This may be particular limiting belief, unhelpful emotional pattern and/or unhealthy behavioural that sabotages you from thriving.

An alternative belief, emotional response or behaviour may be presented to you for. By aligning to these more authentic aspects of yourself you can unlock your True Self (light) potential, power and essence. When you live form a place of authenticity, you are capable of generating lasting mental health, emotional welling and physical wellness for yourself.

Circle Share

All present are invited to share their experience, but please be reassured that this is optional. Sometimes, we are called to share our experiences as part of the integration process, but at other times we may feel internally encouraged to sit with our journey experiences. Sharing offers a chance to be fully seen, heard and witnessed in the moment, just as we are; free from judgment and expectation. Actively listening to the story of others, often holds much wisdom, meaning and teaching for us too.

Closing Sacred Space & Circle

We conclude by closing sacred space and the ceremony; completing our time together. Formally closing space ensures that we disconnect from our communal space in circle and return to holding space for ourselves in our own respective places.

Location & Booking

We gather on the first Wednesday of each month at Foxglove in Barmouth.

Your investment for sitting in circle is £15.00. Payment is required in advance, as the group is purposefully kept small to ensure a quality experience for all. There are 10 places available, so we advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

Available to anyone over the age of 16 years

The Benefits Of Circle

valuable down time away from the busyness of life

nourishing time for self-care, so that you can honour your own needs

space to deepen your understanding and relationship with your ‘self’

a supportive space to feel held

a space to cultivate new connections with like-hearted individuals

an opportunity for authentic interaction and expression

the opportunity to grow

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