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Sharing and guiding movement through gentle stretches, asanas and mindful breathing, yoga classes for all abilities, well paced and a space to relax and recharge the body and mind, bringing the Self back towards soulful alignment.

Free Consultation

If you’ve been considering yoga, or a movement based practice and are unsure how to approach finding the right practice and guide for you, a call to discuss your requirements, experience and questions is offered to give you confidence in making the right decision.

Let’s connect, open a dialogue and discuss personal yoga and movement together.

Weekly Zoom Group Yoga Sessions

Suitable for all abilities, experience and first timers too. Join a group session where the pace is mindfully considered for the group dynamic and individual capabilities. With gentle stretches, guided asanas and breathwork held in a meditative space the intention is to nurture and restore balance to your mind, body and soul.

Each session concludes with a warm down relaxation, ensuring grounding and rest to your whole being to retain with you for the rest of your day.

One-to-one Personal Yoga

For dedicated focus and attention, a one-to-one personal yoga session offers tailored, considerate elements of breathing, stretching, asanas and meditation to contribute to a unique and mouldable movement practice.

Beginning with a personal consultation, together we explore and identify areas of practice existing in the mind, body and soul and construct sessions to meet your personal needs in the direction you wish to flourish.

Personal Yoga sessions can assist with regaining range of motion and flexibility in areas that have long received attentive movement, considering all restrictions, previous inquiries or areas of fragility. These sessions provide a platform to build confidence, regain strength and resilience; nurturing all aspects of our being.

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Free Consultation, Personal Yoga 1 x 1 hour, Personal Yoga 3 x 1 hour, Personal Yoga 5 x 1 hour

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