Oracle Day Retreat


Sunday 29th October 2023

10.30am – 4.30pm


Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School

14 Love Lane, Stourbridge, DY8 2EA



Gaining Clarity and Direction For The Year Ahead

Through The Wisdom Of Oracle Cards

Feeling a little lost or de-motivated right now? Yearning for clarity and direction to help you move forward towards a life of  increased fulfilment?


Would you benefit from working with a tool that helps you identify what’s holding you back and that can help generate momentum for you and your life?

Your ‘Wise Woman’ is waiting to connect with you. She is ready to offer you valuable insights into what’s causing any stagnation, as well as what can enable you to step further into alignment with your true power. The Celtic New year begins on 1st November, making this the ideal time to gain clarity, direction and inspiration from your Wise Woman ally.

Warmly Inviting You To Join Us

You are invited to join Helen Courtney of Soulful Woman Rising, for a bespoke Retreat Day, that encourages you to venture into the realm of your Wise Woman self. By combining the medicines of cacao and oracle cards, Helen will support you through guided practices that deepen your relationship with your inner Wise Woman.

This enlightened archetype rises on 31st October and guides you through the Winter season of restoration, replenishment and rejuvenation. Her wisdom and guidance prepares you for the forthcoming Spring of birth, re-birth and renewal, when you can begin to focus on planting your intentions for the year. Therefore, this is the ideal time in the Wheel of the Year to work with her. Are you ready to embrace her and the wisdom she is offering you right now?

Outline Of The Day

During a guided cacao journey, Helen will guide you to the Lower Realm to meet your inner Wise Woman. This enlightened ally will take you to various Chambers, for healing, soul retrieval and true essence activation.

You will begin by entering the Chamber of Wounds, where a wounding that caused part of your soul to flee and derail the course of your destiny, will be revealed and healed. From here you will progress to the Chamber of Contracts, where you’ll discover the soul promises you’ve made out of obligation or a sense of feeling responsibility. After this, you will make you way to the Chamber of Grace, to recover a healed soul part and its life force. Finally, you’ll go to the Chamber of Treasures to retrieve your Wise Woman medicine (gift/ skill).

The cacao journey is in preparation for working with your Oracle Cards in the afternoon. You will draw a 10 card Celtic Compass spread that will provide information in regards to:

  • Your spirit
  • What’s providing focus right now
  • Current perceptions
  • Desires and primal needs
  • Emotional body and how you feel
  • What requires your attention
  • Where your energy is best placed
  • What to let go and let flow
  • The outcome of your current vibration
Are you ready to unleash the wisdom within and see where it guides you over the next year?

Day Retreat Program

10.15am – Arrival and settling into your chosen space

10.30am – Opening Circle

11.00am – Wisdom sharing on ‘Oracle Cards’

11.45am – 12.30am – Wise Woman guided journey with Helen

12.30pm – Sharing Lunch (please bring a vegan/ vegetarian dish as your contribution)

1.30pm – Birthing your oracle spread for the year ahead

(Celtic New Year starts on 1st November)

3.30pm – Closing Circle

4.30pm – Departure

Inviting You Into The Sanctuary Of A Day Retreat

This Day Retreat aims to provide invaluable time for YOU, away from the distraction and/or responsibility of daily life. It is a devoted space for you to consciously connect to and be with fully present with YOURSELF and your animal spirit guide, as well as be in circle with other women. Being in circle offers a professionally held space for you to access deeper levels of self-awareness, as well as support and guidance. It is also a place for fun to flow through creativity and connection.

I recommend bringing with you:

  • Yoga mat or something to lie on
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Socks to keep feet warm
  • Journal and pen
  • Bottle of water
  • Mug for your cacao
  • A selection of personal oracle decks you may have (if you don’t have any, you are welcome to use Helen’s selection)
  • Lunch contribution (vegetarian/ vegan)

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