Palo Santo


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Four sticks of Palo Santo Wood

Approx length = 10cm

Approx total weight 30-40g



Palo Santo The Sacred Wood

Mother Nature gifts us many medicinal trees that can benefit our health and wellbeing. Palo Santo is such a tree. The ritualistic burning of this sacred wood can be traced back to the Incan Empire. It was used in their spiritual or religious ceremonies as a medicine tool, with the purpose of cleansing and/or neutralising negative or non-serving energies from the mind-body and ceremonial space. It was also used to rejuvenate the mind-body, unlocking inactive, dormant or blocked innate gifts or intuition, as well as bring about balance and peace. Today, it is still used in Indigenous communities throughout Central and Southern America.

The Benefits Of Using Palo Santo

Scientific studies have proven that this sacred wood can help to:-




Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Uplift Mood

Boost Immune System

Stimulate Circulation

Reduce Joint Pain

Relieve Muscle Pain

Ethically Sourced & Harvested From Fallen Trees

Product of Ecuador, where the producer is involved in the reforestation of Palo Santo forests.

You will receive four sticks of Palo Santo Wood, approximately 3.5 inches in length and weighing 15-25g each. These are ideal for clearing yourself, others or your home of non-serving energies, as well as providing energetic balance and protection.

Delivered to the UK only. Delivery charges will be added in the cart and are charged at standard Royal Mail First Class rates for packages. If you would like to order in larger quantities it is best for you to contact me directly.

Purification Ritual


  • Select a stick of palo santo wood.
  • Hold one end of the stick over a flame until it begins to burn.
  • Keep the stick still for a few moments to allow the flame to grow.
  • Gently move the wood in a back and forth motion, encouraging the cleansing smoke to rise through the air.
  • If you notice the smoke begin to disappear, then you can blow gently to help the ember glow.
  • State your intention out loud
  • Use the palo santo wood in accordance with your intention for yourself, others or a space


Due to cultural appropriation, I use the word purification out of respect for the specific practice of smudging that belongs to Native American people.

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