Rise & Thrive Retreat



A journey of self-realisation that enables you to connect with and celebrate your full RADIANT self.

Elevate your feelings of being enough, boost confidence and enhance your self-worth

This is your time to RISE & THRIVE!

Hello beautiful friend and welcome. I am delighted to connect with you here, in this space and share with you my retreat offering for 2023. RISE and THRIVE is intended to support your journey home to the FULL power and potentiality of your TRUE self. This retreat offers a friendly, nurturing space for women to come together for individual and collective transformation, expansion and celebration. Having designated time away from daily responsibilities, allows you to be truly present with all elements of your ‘Self” and invest valuable time and energy in your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

By cultivating a soulful connection to your ‘Self’, you gain increased awareness and gentle consideration of your inner dialogue, feelings and behaviours and how these influence your decisions and actions each day. ‘True Self’ inner dialogue is self-validating and so ELEVATES feelings of being enough, BOOSTS confidence and ENHANCES self-worth. It is emotionally responsive and resourceful, so able to support you through times of change and challenge. Through aligned actions your ‘True Self’ empowers you to follow your aspirations and relish in a meaningful life of joy, fulfilment and abundance.

However, your ‘False Self’ which is the conditioned aspect of your personality, is highly critical and invalidating. Through discouraging self-talk it amplifies feelings of NOT being enough, INHIBITS confidence and DIMINISHES self-worth. It is emotionally reactive and therefore can generate feelings of overwhelm and stress during testing times. Your ‘False self’ is the subtle saboteur that keeps you trapped in your comfort zone and prevents you from living authentically. Does this sound familiar to you?

It's TIME to invest in YOU!
The time is HERE. The time is NOW.

You may feel apprehensive, which is normal.
I wish to reassure you however that ...

You ARE capable of feeling enough, being genuinely confident and knowing your worth!
You ARE worthy of following your aspirations and deserve a life of happiness, fulfilment and abundance!
You ARE able to RISE & THRIVE in your full power and potentiality!

Welcoming you into the Retreat Sanctuary of 'Rise and Thrive'

Friday 22 - Sunday 24th March 2024
Venue: To be confirmed

‘Rise & Thrive’ Retreat is a bespoke weekend retreat exclusively for 10 women to come together with the intention of personal development education, self-awareness, self healing and self-empowerment. You will be held and supported to transcend the conditioning of your False Self and step fully into the power and potentiality of your True Self.

The weekend offers a unique blend of Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ and feminine rituals, so that you can release the conditioning that restricts you, integrate the medicine that empowers you and align to the resources that elevate you. This retreat is exclusively for those who identify as female and is a safe container that unites like-spirited women, so that individually and collectively we can be free from the shadows of our conditioning and return to our authentic essence. You are warmly invited into this sacred, safe space of lasting transformation.

Rise & Thrive Retreat Includes

Over 18 hours of facilitation time with Helen Courtney

Cacao Ceremony

Fire Ceremony

Ecstatic Dance Party

2 Nights Accommodation (all rooms are en-suite)

All meals, refreshments and snacks

 ** No Additional Hidden Costs **

Your Weekend Retreat Journey

Friday 22nd March

5pm – Check-In

5.30pm – Welcome

6pm – 2 Course Dinner

7pm – Opening Gathering

9pm – Free time


Saturday 23rd March

8.00am – Yoga

9.15am – Breakfast

10am – Morning Gathering

1pm – 2 Course Lunch

2pm – Afternoon Gathering

5pm – Free time

6pm – 2 Course Dinner

7pm – Fire Ceremony with shamanic drumming (weather permitting)

9pm – Ecstatic Dance Party


Sunday 24th March

8.30am – Rise & Shine Meditation

9.15am – Breakfast

10am – Morning Gathering

12pm – 2 Course Lunch

1pm – Closing Ceremony

4pm – Depart

I am here and present for you, so that you feel
held, supported, seen and witnessed

From a place of experience and understanding, I hold space and provide proven practices to help you RISE & THRIVE

Rise & Thrive is facilitated by myself Helen Courtney; Self-Realisation Mentor and Wellbeing Facilitator. Through my own personal challenges and professional training, I fully appreciate the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing and its influence on our ability to feel enough, worthy and confident, so that we can lead a meaningful, joyous and abundant life.

I believe that we are all our own authority, with the ability and resources that allow us to reconcile the limitations of our conditioned ‘False Self’ and fully embody the expansiveness of our ‘True Self’. I am therefore passionate about sharing proven practices that enable women to authentically align to their unique blend of knowledge, gifts and resources.

My mantra is ‘Individually we RISE and collectively we THRIVE; cultivating a world of individuals living in their full power and potentiality who together co-create a world of joy, harmony and abundance.’ If you would like more information about this retreat or wish to discuss and apprehensions, I am more than happy to connect with you in person on the telephone or Zoom.

'Rise & Thrive' Retreat is for YOU if you...

are fed up of feeling not enough and have a desire to believe, feel and know that YOU are enough

struggle with confidence and wish to embody genuine confidence

currently gain self-worth achievement and ‘stuff’ and are ready to exchange this for legitimate self-worth so you are treated in a way YOU deserve

wish to break free from sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviours and instead align to empowering thoughts, resourceful feelings and helpful behaviours

are ready to replace the need for the validation of others with nurturing self-validation

know it’s time to stop deprioritising your needs through people pleasing and begin making yourself a priority

benefit from time with like-hearted and like-spirited woman

Terms & Conditions

Travel To The Retreat Venue:

Travel is not provided and you are responsible for making your own arrangements to and from the retreat centre.

Payments Options:

Payment can be made in full or through a payment plan upon request

Payment Plan:

This can be arranged with me direct.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancelled within 60 days of the retreat, 50% of the total cost will be refunded

If cancelled within 30 days of the retreat, no refund can be guaranteed and depends if the space can be filled

Additional information

Room Type

Twin Room, Double Room

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