Rise of the Wild Woman Retreat



Can you feel your Wild Woman yearning to be set free?

The Wild Woman season spans from the Autumn Equinox until the Winter Solstice.
During that time, she calls to you. Ready to greet you as a trusted friend, longing to be seen by you and set free.
Will you accept her invitation for engagement?

Who is your Wild Woman archetype?

Your Wild Woman archetype is the authentic aspect of your nature; expressive, body confident and free from conformity. This archetype rises each day with the descending sun, during days 22 – 28 of your inner moon (menstrual) cycle, in the last quarter phase of the lunar cycle and at the Autumn Equinox. This Retreat is therefore taking place two days after the Equinox, so that you can reclaim your Wild Woman essence and collaborate with her during the season ahead for confidence, empowerment and authentic living.

Your Wild Woman resides within you always, but she may have unconsciously been tamed by all that you saw, heard and experienced when you were a child, teenager and young adult. The wounded or shadow part of your Wild Woman rises during times of stress or challenge especially if she feels overwhelmed by responsibility, the need to fit into societies ideals or spends too much time indoors. During times such as these, her suppressed thoughts and/or repressed feelings get triggered and her coping strategies get activated, sabotaging your belief in yourself, authentic expression and creation of happiness. 

The true or light part of your Wild Woman has a defined sense of self, is happy to be the psychedelic sheep of the family, is appreciative of her body and confident to express her true thoughts and feelings. She has an expansive influence on your life, gifting you her unique perspective, wild energy and free creativity in supporting you to experience a self-empowered and soul-led life. She is a welcomed ally and enriches all aspects of your life including your relationships, soul-work, creativity, wealth and health in unimaginable ways.

Throughout your adult life, your inner Wild Woman influences your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as well as the decisions you make and actions you take. If your shadow Wild Woman is present, you can experience negative self-talk, feelings of not being good enough, fear of rejection, a tendency to compare yourself to others and/or a tendency to conform to societies ideals of what it means to be a woman. These can limit your relationships with others, prevent you from following your dreams, preclude authentic expression and stop you from living the life your deserve. 
By connecting and collaborating with your inner Wild Woman, you can heal your unresolved physical, emotional, creative and soulful needs. This gentle yet powerful form of self-empowerment allows your Wild Woman to feel seen, heard and acknowledged by you. Through conscious collaboration, she will help you to grow in confidence, love your body, be genuinely expressive and believe in yourself and your abilities.

Welcoming you into the Retreat Sanctuary of 'Rise of the Wild Woman'

‘Rise of the Wild Woman’ Retreat is a bespoke weekend retreat exclusively for 14 women that takes place at Little Earth, Somerton just outside Glastonbury. From Friday 24th September to Sunday 26th September 2021, you will be held and supported to transcend the conditioning of your shadow Wild Woman and step fully into the power and light of their true Wild Woman. The weekend offers a unique blend of Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ and feminine rituals, so that you can release the conditioning that restricts you, integrate the medicine that empowers you and align to the resources that elevate you. This retreat is exclusively for women and is a safe container that unites like-spirited women, so that individually and collectively we can be free from the shadows of our conditioning and return to our authentic light. You are welcome into this sacred, safe space of lasting transformation.

Inviting Self-Empowerment

The keys to being the person you were born to be and experiencing the life you deserve to live, are already present within you; dormant and patiently waiting. Your feminine archetypes are the solution to long-lasting change, genuine transformation and soul-led living. These inner personalities gracefully reconcile your shadow and radiate your light by re-aligning you to your true nature, power and soul’s blueprint. There is no magic wand that can conjure a quick fix. No guru or expert that holds the keys, only you! Self-empowerment is a voyage of self-responsibility, discovery, healing and integration. A journey that is well worth the time, effort and investment, as the life-time rewards are immeasurable.

Rise of The Wild Woman Retreat empowers you to:

recognise where you conform to societies or others peoples expectations ,which results in you sacrificing your own needs

discover your wild nature so that you can live freely and authentically

transform negative beliefs about yourself that limit your confidence

reconnect to your wild and natural self

resolve unhelpful behavioural patterns that sabotage your life

prioritise your own needs so that you can discern when to give to yourself and when to give to others

Rise and Soar by:

fulfilling your needs through soulful self-care practices

nurturing positive beliefs about yourself that increase self-confidence

developing emotional resilience for navigating challenging times

building healthy behavioural patterns that cultivate self-mastery

being creative and playful to increase joy

experiencing a soul-led and self-created life

'Rise of the Wild Woman' Retreat is for you if ...

Friday 24th Sept

6pm – Check-In

6.30pm – Dinner

8pm – Opening Ceremony

9.30pm – Free time


Saturday 25th Sept

8.30am – Breakfast

10am – Wild Woman Walk with drumming (weather depending)

1pm – Lunch

2pm – Shadow Wild Woman Cacao Ceremony

5pm – Free time

6.30pm – Dinner

8pm – Wild Woman Fire Ceremony

9.30pm – Free time


Sunday 26th Sept

8.30am – Breakfast

9.30am – Vacate room

10am – Return of the Wild Woman Cacao Ceremony

12pm – Lunch

1pm – Expressing Your Wild Woman Creatively

3pm – Closing Ceremony

4pm – Depart

struggle to be yourself and do  your best to conform in order to fit in

find it challenging to express yourself fully, so tame your true nature

experience low confidence or poor body image which holds you back

secretly compare yourself to others

sabotage your happiness, health and wealth

Draft Itininery

What's Included

2 Nights Accommodation – En-Suite Shared Room

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

2 Course Dinner on Friday and Saturday

All refreshments and snacks

 ** No Additional Hidden Costs **

Learn About The Retreat Facilitator

Rise of the Maiden is facilitated by Helen Courtney; Soul Alignment Visionary and Coach. Through her own personal challenges and professional training, Helen fully appreciates the powerful role that self-empowerment and self-healing plays in achieving self-acceptance and love. She is an advocate for female empowerment, mental health and emotional wellbeing though the honouring and embodiment of our feminine archetypes and cycles. By becoming our own authority, we awaken our true nature, claim our feminine power and express our authentic self. When consciously connecting to and collaborating with our inner archetypes, we confidently experience a self-empowered and self-created life. Helen’s mantra is ‘Individually we RISE but collectively we THRIVE; cultivating a world of peace, joy and abundance.’ If you would like more information about this program or wish to discuss if this program will meet your specific needs, I am more than happy to speak with you. Please book an ‘Awakening call’ so that we can discuss in more detail. https://soulfulwomanrising.com/product/awakening-call-helen/ 

Terms & Conditions

Travel To Retreat Venue:

Travel is not provided and you are responsible for making your own arrangements to and from the retreat centre.

Payments Options:

Payment can be made in full or through a payment plan

Payment Plan:

This can be arranged with me direct.

Non-refundable deposit of £55 to secure place

£100 monthly payments on 1st of each month; May, June, July & August

Cancellation Policy:

If cancelled within 60 days of the retreat, 50% of the total cost will be refunded

If cancelled within 30 days of the retreat, no refund can be guaranteed and depends if the space can be filled

Love Notes From Return of the Goddess Retreat:


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