Rise & Shine Retreat Day



Reclaim & Radiate Your Sovereign Power

Saturday 10th July 2021

We welcome you to join us for a full day dedicated to you. Rise and Shine is a platform created by Helen Courtney and Sarah Rumble for self-inquiry, expansion, deeper self-love, and the ultimate self-care package to realign you back to your radiant soulful self. You will be skilfully and lovingly guided through various practices to explore aspects of yourself that need releasing and integrate parts of you that will help you evolve.

Our wish for this event is to assist you to step into your true power and self-knowing by accessing your energy at our solar plexus and working with your Wild Woman archetype. Your solar plexus, Manipura chakra in Sanskrit, is your third chakra in the traditional 7 Chakra system. Within your solar plexus lies your inner sun, where you access your true power, confidence, self-esteem, mental balance and motivation. When your solar plexus is out of balance by a blockage you may experience feelings of inferiority, powerlessness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, worthlessness, fatigue or low motivation.

Your Wild Women archetype is the divine feminine aspect of yourself that stands in her truth and power with confidence. She has a strong sense of self, walks her own path and prioritises her own needs. The shadow side of your Wild Women archetype may lack self-belief, deprioritising her needs, conforming to others expectations, morphing to be accepted and neglecting her own truth, as well as feeling lost on her path.

We will work to balance your energies at the solar plexus, unblock any stagnation and integrate the positive aspects of your Wild Women archetype. Rise and Shine Cacao and Yoga Retreat will be a powerful event of community building, up-levelling our energies, coming back to our centre and more.

Are you ready to join us? Let us share what we have planned for you!

Cacao Ceremony
Guided inner journeying
Circle and sharing
Emotional purge writing
Fire ceremony
Pranayama (breath and energy work)
Embodying Yoga Practice

Are you intrigued? Do you desire to reclaim your power?

Then please do join us! Even more, we are offering an early bird discount until 10th June.
Our spaces are limited to 16 so booking in advance is essential.

Meet The Hosts And Your Guides For The Day

Helen Courtney

I am Helen, the Founder of Soulful Woman Rising® and creator of this program. Through my former struggle with self-criticism, low confidence and self-doubt, I fully understand and appreciate the negative impact that the shadow self has on self-image, relationships, career and health. For many years, I walked the path of believing that I was ‘not enough’ fuelled by covert fears of people’s judgment or rejection, that unknowingly forged a need within me to seek external validation from others.

Thankfully the embodiment of my feminine archetypes, empowered me to be aware of, understand and reconcile my conditioned shadow, so that I could discover, embrace and integrate my true self. During my journey I gained the self-acceptance, confidence and self belief I needed to remodel myself and my life. In reclaiming my true essence, I definitely salvaged my life and feel deeply blessed to be with my life-partner, have healthy friendships with like-spirited individuals, be helping women through my soul work and living my bliss.

Many women have similar struggles to my own, all suffering in silence as they are unsure of another way of being and living. Countless women are trapped by their shadow beliefs, emotions and behaviours, preventing them living authentically, fulfilling their potential and being self-realised. My passion is to support women to break free from their conditioned limitations and guide them to rise empowered! Blending professional training with my own experiences, I gladly share proven tools and easy-to-apply techniques, that empower the transition from striving to thriving!

During our Rise and Shine retreat day, Helen will be leading the Cacao Ceremony, inner journey work and our women’s circle sharing.

Sarah Rumble

Hello Goddesses, I look forward to sharing this fully immersive day retreat with you. I admire and honour everyone that embraces their path diving deep, healing their wounds and balancing their energy. Not only are you up-levelling yourself, but your work will have a profound positive ripple effect on those around you and ultimately shifting the energy of the collective for the better. In the work I do, my goal is to reconnect people back to themselves, re-establishing a loving and attentive relationship to their body, mind and spirit. I have a desire that everyone can feel, enjoy and respect being in their body. So many of us are disconnected to our physical body and our true radiance, instead we spend most of our time living predominantly in our head as this is what society has taught us to value.

I am fully certified and experienced Hatha Yoga teacher, specialising in Pranayama (yogic breath and energy work), qualified pregnancy yoga teacher, Adult Education lecturer PGCE PCET, Reiki Master, artist and a student of Shakti School where I am currently studying to become a Ayurveda Counsellor. I advocate the magic of slowing down and connecting back to You. My classes are creative, inclusive, encouraging you to build a loving relationship with yourself. My teaching style is gentle often with lots of variations for the postures, breath-lead to keep you connected and present, encouraging inquiry to access deeper levels of awareness into your body. I does like to add in an element of challenge sometimes to create a learning opportunity and a fun playful aspect to the practice.

I am the proud owner of Blossom Wellbeing. This is the platform where I offers and share my skills and passions, to help guide others towards their own path of wellness. I offers Yoga Classes, Pranayama sessions, Reiki, Ayurveda wellness coaching, Workshops, Retreats and more. During Rise and Shine retreat day I will be leading the Emotional purge writing, the fire ceremony and our Yoga practice.

For more information about us:

Helen Courtney
Facebook: @soulfulwomenrising
Instagram: @soulful_women_rising

Sarah Rumble
Facebook: @sarahrumbleblossom
Instagram: @sarahrumble_blossom

Rise & Shine Retreat Includes

This special retreat includes all of the practices and activities of the day, as well as tea’s and refreshments and a take-away token.

Venue Details

The Scout Hut is located just 10 minutes from junction 4 of the M5, as well as being a 20 minute walk from Hagley Train Station. It has recently undergone a £500,000 beautiful rebuild. The main hall that we’re using is 11m by 9m with plenty of windows creating a light energy. This welcoming space having modern kitchen and toilet facilities, offers just what we need to escape the demands of modern life.  The lush green areas around the building, provide the ideal space for our Fire Ceremony and also a place to retreat during lunch.


Hagley Scout Hut, Hall Lane, Hagley, Nr Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 9LL

What To Bring With You On The Day

We recommend that you bring:

yoga mat and any yoga props that you require

blanket and cushion

special mug for your ceremonial cacao

bottle of water

own lunch

journal and pen

Do you feel drawn to join us?

We would love every women to join us, but we have very limited spaces available!

Reserve your place today to secure your spot.

Remember, we are offering an early bird discount until June 10th!

Early bird investment: £60 (Code is SHINENOW)
Full price investment: £70

We welcome any questions, so please do get in touch with either of us to answer any queries.

We both send you soulful blessings and hope to connect with you soon.

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