Set Yourself Free


Activation Recording from a LIVE ceremony that took place on Sunday 2nd July 2023



Set Yourself Free Activation

Activate Your Higher Heart/Higher Mind Channel

Hello, I’m Helen the founder of Soulful Woman Rising® and I’m delighted that you have landed here. Thank you for your presence. The fundamental intention of this offering is to aid your Self-Realisation journey; supporting you to shift more fully into your Sovereign essence.

One of the keys to realising your true potential, limitless power and innate purpose, is your Higher Heart/ Higher Mind channel. This energy channel allows you to be fully present with all aspects of yourself and conscious of your needs. It also facilitates your ability to make empowering decisions/ life choices and take aligned action that positively impacts your:

  • physical health, vitality and energy levels
  • mental wellbeing, focus and resilience
  • emotional balance, peace and resourcefulness
  • spiritual awakening, journey and expansion

From a place of DEEP presence, you are able to easily witness yourself free from judgment or expectation, so that you can overcome the limitations of your False Self Identity and fully step into the infinite possibilities of your True Self essence. 


False Self vs True Self

Regardless of age, race and upbringing, you will have been conditioned to BE the woman you are today. Parts of you are the TRUE you, whilst aspects are FALSE facets that have developed as self-preservation. The FALSE facets consist of coping strategies engrained to help you manage modern life, beliefs designed to keep you safe, emotional reactions intended to protect you. All of these FALSE SELF traits exist to keep you safe, but the TRUTH is that they ARE limiting you, your happiness and success. 

Your TRUTH self is within you and always has been. You may be living from parts of your TRUE self already, whilst others aspects lie dormant. The wholeness of your TRUE self is ready to be fully re-awakened so that you can remember WHO you REALLY ARE; an incredibly powerful, wise and gifted woman. You ARE a feminine force here to be seen, heard, acknowledged and loved. You ARE here to live as the fullest expression of your potential, power and purpose, so that you can experience the life you desire and deserve.

It’s Time To Release Deeper Layers Of Your False Self & Embody More Of Who You Really Are

We are living in a time of remembering. Like-hearted people like us all around the world, have woken up and are transcending the dense 3D and 4D energies that once kept us operating from our False Self. We are aligning more and more to the 5D energies which are gracing Earth from source and are emanating from the crystalline grid of ascended earth. We are going through a re-birth is you like.

This activation aims to support you in being LIBERATED from elements of your FALSE SELF that may be generating:  

  • unhelpful emotional wounds and reoccurring triggers
  • limiting beliefs and resulting procrastination/ indecision
  • unhealthy behaviours and perpetual self-sabotage

so that you can CONSCIOUSLY align to the limitless potential of your TRUE SELF including your innate:

  • emotional wisdom and ability to hold boundaries, so that you can effectively use your heart compass to make healthy connections
  • higher wisdom and resourcefulness that allows you to make healthy decisions that enhance your life
  • empowering behaviours that sustain your wellbeing and that generate aligned and timely actions that take you towards self-realisation

This offering is a recording of a live online ceremony which took place on Sunday 2nd July 2023. I am making this recording available for those who were unable to tune in for whatever reason and who feel called to activate their Higher Heart/ Higher Mind Channel.

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