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With Amy Grist

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One-to-One Coaching sessions with Amy allow a safe space to explore and allow what is to unfold in your personal journey of integration, healing and transformation towards the optimal life you wish to lead, on your terms, as your thriving, empowered Self.

Finding yourself stuck in overwhelm, repeated patterning and behaviours that place limits on your life?
Unsure of what your needs are and how to fulfil them?
Heard of Inner Child Work and would like to find out more about how reconnecting with your Inner Child can contribute towards visible transformations in your life?

One-to-One Coaching sessions can support and guide with

  • Identifying and laying foundations to overcome learned behaviours, patterning and emotional wounds that repeatedly come into your life and block you from realising your potential
  • Exploring and identifying with clarity your own needs and how to approach fulfilling them for yourself
  • Building confidence to follow your intuition and trust in regaining self worth to lead a more fulfilling, content life

What can I expect from a session?

During a coaching session we discuss your personal practice, what’s been coming up for you and where you feel blocks may be present or how they are affecting your day to day life and activities. Using self empowerment tools such as guided meditation, nonviolent communication, inner child work, discussion of relevant archetypes, we intentionally explore to identify blockages, wounds and work to release and heal them.

Working primarily with the Inner Child archetype, Inner Adult, Inner Parent, others may surface too as we explore the intrinsic links between the various aspects of ourselves. Re-parenting is an aspect we explore about what it means to put your needs first, listen to our inner landscape, interface with your inner child and find a balance of how we unveil our true self.

All are welcome!

Open to receive practitioners, holistic healers and those interested in personal development who may be quite new to this approach of self empowerment and transformation. My window is here, ready to share.

Sessions are guided at your pace, with considerations tailored to individual needs discussed through consultation. With an intuitively led approach, and as a guide, I hold space and allow what is to unfold, with care, respect and confidentiality. Each session ensures adequate time to reflect and ground, enabling you to receive with compassion and clarity.

Coaching sessions include (not limited to)

  • Understand the Inner Child Archetype and how it shows up in our lives
  • Reconnect with your inner child and begin building a trusting relationship
  • Dedicated time and space held for exploring deep rooted beliefs, conditioning, trauma, patterning, emotional pain, blockages that no longer serve you in your daily life
  • Support and guidance at every step held in a safe space
  • Focused attention to discuss any aspect, new or familiar, that is coming up for you
  • Explore learned behaviours such as people pleasing, sacrificing one’s own needs for others, not being able to receive (love yourself), toxic and unhealthy attachment in relationships, feeling lost and ungrounded, feelings of overwhelm, low self-esteem (“I’m not good enough”).
  • Learn how to begin addressing learned behaviours and patterns and begin to break the cycles that limit and impact your life
  • Explore the practice of Self-Care and learn how to implement this into daily life
  • Gentle confidence building to trust your intuition
  • Receive support and insights from an experienced practitioner and fellow soulful woman

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