Soul Coaching With Helen


With Helen Courtney

1 hr 30 minute session


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It’s time to RISE by activating your superpowers, cultivating your feminine archetypes and elevating your life. You deserve a life of joy, fulfilment and abundance.

Are you surviving life rather than thriving?
Would you benefit from being supported through a life challenge, so that you can come through the other side empowered?
Have you tried other healing modalities to no availa and are looking for something that can help you achieve lasting change?

Whatever you yearn for or desire right now is already within you.

As your own healing resource and authority, you are the vessel of creation, change and realisation.

What is Soul Alignment Coaching?

Soul Alignment Coaching practices Soul Alignment Medicine™ as a healing modality. It is a unique blend of energy healing, archetype alchemy, kinesiology and transpersonal work and promotes self-healing at its core. As an individual you are the only person to have walked your path. The only person to have has seen, heard and witnessed your life first-hand. Therefore,  your innate inner resources and wisdom hold the key to transforming your unconscious limitations and set you free.

Welcoming you into your transformational space

Soul Alignment Coaching is facilitated by Helen Courtney; Soul Alignment Coach and Medicine Woman.

Inviting self-empowerment by working with me

Soul Alignment Coaching frees your unconscious from:

self-limiting programs which create self-sabotage behaviours

inherited or conditioned core beliefs that limit your ability to make healthy choices for long-term happiness, joy and success

lifestyle habits which prevent self-realisation in all areas of life

suppressed, repressed or rejected emotional wounds or trauma that keep you locked in unhealthy emotional patterns/ responses

the ‘whole-self’ root cause of dis-ease within the body

ancestral programming which inhibits your free-will in this lifetime

fear programs which keep you in your comfort zone and prevent you from fulfilling your highest potential

Soul Alignment Coaching empowers you to:

awaken your inner medicine

develop a defined sense of self

be your own authority

navigate a world of duality

shift from fourth to fifth-dimensional consciousness

be self-realised in all areas of life

step into truth of who you are

return to your Divine Blueprint

fulfil your destiny

Love Notes From Coaching Clients:

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