Spirit Animal Day Retreat


Sunday 24th Sept 2023

10.30am – 4.30pm


Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School

14 Love Lane, Stourbridge, DY8 2EA



Combining Natures Medicines Of Cacao & Clay

Facilitating your connection to and communication with your personal animal ally

You are warmly invited to join Helen Courtney of Soulful Woman Rising and Anna Mitchell of Creative Clay, for a bespoke Retreat Day, that encourages you to venture into the realm of spirit animals. By combining nature’s medicines of cacao and clay, Helen and Anna will support you through guided practices that support/ deepen your relationship with yourself and the spirit realms.

Helen and Anna both love to work with the cycles of the seasons and are inspired by nature and walking in their local landscapes. Helen creates a safe space that encourages a genuine connection with your spirit animal guides. By understanding their medicine, you will discover how they can assist you on your ascension path. Anna encourages participants to let go of any creative inhibitions and work intuitively with the clay, so that the animal guide can manifest into physical form.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

During a guided cacao journey with myself, you will journey to the Lower Realm to meet your Spirit Animal. From here, you will journey together to the White Light Temple in the Upper Realm, where a Purification and Activation Ceremony will take place. 

The Purification Ceremony is intended to liberate you from the facets of your False Self. This aspect of you has been conditioned to think, feel or behave from an underlying sense of fear. This may be fear of judgment, rejection, of not being enough or being too much, of being a failure, being too successful, being alone or abandoned. These unrecognised fears influence how you live and experience life.

Do you feel right now that you are living to your full potential? Are you fulfilled? 

The Activation Ceremony supports the return of your True essence. This aspect of you has always been present within you, but has been locked away by the fears of your False self. This activation using codes of light, is the key to embodying your authentic power, potential and gifts.

Are you yearning to live more authentically and freely?

Sacred Clay Practice

You will be gently guided by Anna to bring your Spirit Animal into physical form. This practice is for those new to working with clay, as well as those who have worked with this medium before. Under the expert care of Anna, any apprehensions you may have about ‘not being creative’ will soon dissolve. Thats the magic of sacred circle; as there’s no place for judgement only encouragement and acceptance.

Your clay Spirit Animal will be taken home by Anna to fire. Once retuned to you, you may choose to use this as a mediation tool, altar figure or an ornament in your home. Guidance will be provided in relation with how you can work with your clay animal as a Shamanic Tool. 

Day Retreat Program

10.15am – Arrival and settling into your chosen space

10.30am – Opening Circle

11.00am – Wisdom sharing on ‘Spirit Animal’ guides

11.45am – 12.30am – Spirit Animal guided journey with Helen

12.30pm – Sharing Lunch (please bring a vegan/ vegetarian dish as your contribution)

1.30pm – Birthing of your clay ‘Spirit Animal Totem’ with Anna

3.30pm – Closing Circle

4.30pm – Departure

Please be aware that your clay animal totems will be taken away by Anna for kiln firing – a red iron oxide wash will be applied, which will enhance the textures, and your animals will be fired to stoneware. We will make arrangements for them to be returned to you at a later date.

Who Are Spirit Animal Guides?

When we incarnate on Earth, we are appointed a personal spirit animal in the same way that we are assigned a Guardian Angel. These Spirit or Power Animals as they are sometimes known, may change many times throughout our lifetime. Spirit animals are valuable allies who help us to navigate life’s challenges, initiations and transitions. They are exceptional teachers who impart their wisdom through their characteristics. By learning, practicing and embodying their medicine, we develop new skills and expand our consciousness.

Meeting Your Spirit Animal Guide

On this retreat day, space is opened for you to meet your personal spirit animal or alternatively deepen your relationship with an existing guide. During a facilitated cacao journey, Helen will guide you to connect with and receive guidance from your personal spirit animal. Anna will then lead you to intuitively weave the spirit of your animal guide into clay form. The resulting clay totem can be used as a mediation tool or an altar item, so that you can consciously connect to your spirit animal and its medicine when guided.

Inviting You Into The Sanctuary Of A Day Retreat

This Day Retreat aims to provide invaluable time for YOU, away from the distraction and/or responsibility of daily life. It is a devoted space for you to consciously connect to and be with fully present with YOURSELF and your animal spirit guide, as well as be in circle with other women. Being in circle offers a professionally held space for you to access deeper levels of self-awareness, as well as support and guidance. It is also a place for fun to flow through creativity and connection.

We recommend bringing with you:

  • Yoga mat or something to lie on
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Journal and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Mug for your cacao
  • Apron
  • Lunch contribution (vegetarian/ vegan)
We also advise wearing comfy clothes that you are happy to get clay on (this sometimes happens)

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