Traditional Andean Alpaca Weaving

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A unique handmade 100% pure alpaca weaving from High-Andean communities in the Sacred Valley in Peru.
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Andean alpaca weaving

This is a unique offering from indigenous Andean communities in the Sacred Valley of the Inca who still employ the traditional weaving practices of the mountain cultures here in Peru. The communities live alongside their Alpaca herds in a beautiful symbiotic relationship in stunning surroundings. During the last couple of years it’s been difficult for these communities to make an income from their traditional works and we’ve visited them and listened to their incredible stories and practices that are at the core of their community. This beautiful pure alpaca weaving has natural dyes from local flowers and plants and can be washed with shampoo. Within the weaving is sewn the stories of the communities, their life and customs are presented in symbolic meaning.

Pure alpaca wool is difficult to source outside of the Andean mountains and we are very excited to be able to assist the community in supporting their work and traditional efforts. Size is approx. 160cm X 58cm and colours vary.

These rich garments are using in ceremonial spaces. When we are connected to sacred plant medicine these cloths become clothes of the gods, regal garments. The significance of the work and tradition brings us into a state of awe and we can witness the reign of the tradition through all of it’s history and the gesture of passing down tradition from the realm of the spirit.

Chahuaytire Andean Community

Chahuaytire is a community of traditional weavers located in the high mountains above the quaint tourist town of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Inca. The community use back-strap looms, and several four-stake looms to create double-faced fabric (the pattern is the same on both sides but the colours opposed) other weavers use a supplementary warp technique. Their work is outstanding, using alpaca wool spun onsite and a range of innovative natural dyes which do not run. Alpaca wool itself is wonderfully warm and soft and provides a luxury base for the community to weave their stories within their blankets. Generations of ideas and designs tell of a rustic mountain community who have held closely to their metaphysical connection to pachamama, or mother nature, who they invoke into the threads of each of their stunning weavings.

Fair Trade

We give the community a 25% markup on their products to ensure that they are able to continue to raise their youngsters into their traditional trade and for them to manage rising costs of resources that has unfortunately been the case here during the last few years. The sale of natural weaving products allows these communities to live above the poverty line without having to abandon their traditions. NGOs and other individuals and organisations are helping the high-Andean communities to properly breed and manage their alpacas to retain their high quality wools and maintain the weaving traditions. It is with great honour that we are met by these humble people and a pleasure to share their great artisanal pride.

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    Elizabeth Baker (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with my Andean Altar gift set. The beauty of the individual pieces and craftsmanship that has gone into each one is fantastic. I love the brightness of the colours and the intricic designs in each piece. Wonderfully put together as a set. The items may be used for ceremonies, altars or decorative purposes.

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