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In preparation for the Celtic New Year on 1st November


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The time is here to live as your TRUE radiant self!

A Two Day Retreat

Providing Meaningful & Practical Guidance For The Year Ahead

Hello, I’m Helen the founder of Soulful Woman Rising® and I’m delighted to invite you into the ‘Visioning My Self-Realised Year’ retreat space. The intention of the day is to teach you how to envision 2024 through the clear guidance of your Soulful Woman Archetypes. This soul-led clarification will form a practical plan that will empower you to achieve a self-realised year of fulfilment, joy and abundance. Self-realisation is personal to each one of us. It refers to actualising your true self, so that you can realise our full potential in all areas of life including your relationships, health, career, interests and aspirations.

Your ‘Soulful Woman’ personalities hold the keys that can enable you to be self-realised by choosing to become an active co-creator of your life, rather than a passive participant. By leaving things to ‘chance’ or relinquishing your power to fate, you can unknowingly be blocking significant fulfilment, lasting joy and meaningful abundance. One year may feel as though it rolls into another, creating feelings of disappointment or frustration.

The ‘Visioning My Self-Realised Year’ enables you to utilise your visualisation and manifesting superpowers to gain clear direction of what is possible for you, as well as a realistic plan for you to put into action. The day is a journey of supported self-awareness, self-exploration, self-healing and self-empowerment, so that you can fully step into your potential. During the day this adventure will require you to engage with the dual aspects of who you are; your false (shadow) and true (light) self, so that you can resolve the restrictions that hold you back and embrace your essence that will take you forward.

Your false self consists of:

  • conditioned limiting beliefs such as not being enough, being an imposter, fear of rejection, being self-critical …
  • emotional trauma such as humiliation, grief, abandonment, ill health and loss, as well as physical, verbal, emotional or psychological abuse … 
  • Self-sabotaging behaviours such as betraying own needs, perfectionism, blame, staying in unhealthy relationships, avoiding intimacy, addiction …
  • unhelpful coping strategies such as people pleasing, procrastination, impulse spending, over or under eating, avoiding challenges …

Your true self that encompasses:

  • empowering beliefs that support you in knowing your value and worth
  • emotional resourcefulness that allows you to navigate challenges and be emotionally responsive to others and situations
  • healthy behaviours that facilitate self-care, the expression of your needs, taking ownership and responsibility
  • helpful strategies such as boundary setting, time management, considered spending, healthy eating, exercise, dealing with challenges …

Introducing You To Your Soulful Woman Archetypes

You have an inner community of many personalities that include your Soulful Woman archetypes. Your inner Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman and Wise Woman collaborate, in order to support you on your self-realisation journey. These personalities represent your body (actions), mind (thoughts), heart (feelings) and essence (innate gifts), so are therefore able to provide a concise 360 degree perspective based on their specialised wisdom and individual medicine. They are wonderful allies to connect and build a relationship with, as they can truly support you in creating your self-realised year. During the retreat you will participate in guided meditations to meet these archetypes and receive their guidance for the year ahead.

Inviting You To Vision Your Self-Realised Year

This day retreat offers invaluable time for YOU, away from the distraction and/or responsibility of daily life. I aim to provide a quiet haven to consciously connect to and be with fully present with YOURSELF, as well as with the other like-hearted women who are in attendance. Being in circle during a day retreat offers a professionally held space for you to engage with proven practices that allow you envision and plan the year ahead.

The day encourages you to become the authority of your own empowerment and manifestation by engaging in a unique blend of guided practices including Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ and Shamanic Womancraft. These considerately cultivate the self-awareness, deep healing and gentle empowerment that’s required to unlock the path to self-realisation. You will find the courage to let go of the conditioned aspects of your false self and align more fully to your true self. Every woman present will gain from the day what they personally need at this juncture in their self-realisation journey, as there is no right or wrong, just what’s right for you right now.

Day Retreat Framework

Delivering a proven framework that provides clarity, cultivates self-healing and facilitates self-realisation

As space holder and retreat facilitator, I offer a structured approach of knowledge sharing, inner journey guidance and proven practices rooted in women’s mysteries. This framework enables you to relax into the practices on offer and have the opportunity to be heard and witnessed by others, as well as feel fully supported.

Opening & Creating Sacred Space

We begin with the practice of opening sacred space, so that we have a united container for us to gather together. This establishes a safe and protected energetic environment for all. Formally opening space ensures that we connect and are present from a place of reverence, grace and humility. Sacred space helps us to be fully present with our bodies, thoughts and feelings, as well as in the present moment.

Wisdom Sharing

We begin by exploring the ‘Wheel of the Soulful Woman’ and the four archetypes that help you to navigate your inner seasons each year. We will also look at the dual aspects of our personality; our false (shadow) self and our true (light) self and how these impact our ability to experience a self-released life. I believe that wisdom sharing is a fundamental part of the day, as it provides essential context for self-awareness, self-healing and self-realisation. It is an opportunity for learning and encourages you to determine how visioning your self-realised year holds meaning for you personally. Often, wisdom sharing is a catalyst for the flow of thoughts, feelings and/or sensations that may have been previously suppressed or repressed. Be reassured that only that which is ready to emerge from the shadows of your unconscious into the light of your consciousness for healing will present itself.


You will be gently led through a guided relaxation practice. The purpose of this is to deactivate your fight, flight, freeze response (sympathetic nervous system) that may generate resistance. By consciously stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) you slow your heart rate, helping you to feel relaxed and calm. Taking this time to relax and be present with yourself also establishes a nurturing physical, mental and emotional environment for you.

Guided Journey

There will be four guided journeys throughout the day, so that you complete a full cycle around the Wheel of the Soulful Woman. You will have the opportunity to meet your inner Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman and Wise Woman, so that you can gain insight, clarity and direction for the year ahead. Each archetypes accompanies you into the landscapes of your heart, mind, body and soul, where the keys to self-realisation are waiting to be discovered. Through self-enquiry practices you can gently excavate and heal the unconscious limiting beliefs, emotional patterns or unhelpful behavioural patterns that are preventing you from thriving as your authentic self. Self-empowerment practices will encourage you to embody your authentic resources and gifts, therefore generating the lasting transformation needed to be self-realised.

Circle Share

There will be opportunities throughout the day to share your experiences, but please be aware that this is an optional practice. Sharing our experiences allows us to be fully seen, heard and witnessed, just as we are; free from judgment and expectation. It can also assist with the  integrate of our experience and bring deeper meaning. Listening to the story of others, often holds much wisdom and teachings too.

Closing Sacred Space & Ceremony

We conclude the day retreat by closing sacred space and the ceremony; completing our time together. Formally closing space ensures that we disconnect from our communal space in circle and return to holding space for ourselves in our own respective places.

I recommend bringing with you:

  • Yoga mat or something to lie on
  • Blanket(s) and pillow to keep warm and comfortable
  • Mug for your cacao
  • Bottle of water to stay hydrated
  • Journal and pen to name any notes of your experience
  • Anything else that you feel would enhance your experience

Clothing: Casual and comfy clothing is always best in my opinion, as you will be either sitting or lying down. I find it beneficial to wear layers, as this gives the ability to add or remove clothing with any changes in body temperature.

Footwear: Shoes are not permitted in ceremony space. Therefore, it’s advisable to bring socks and/or slippers to keep your feet warm.

“There is no greater gift you can offer yourself, then the gift of Self-Realisation. Grant yourself permission today, to prioritise your own needs, live authentically and fulfil YOUR dreams!”
Helen Courtney

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