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Liberate Program


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Welcome to our 8 week Liberate Program

the art of unlocking your inner power

Inviting Resonance

We are delighted to welcome you into our space.

Amy and Helen have collaborated in crafting this tailored 8 week program to uncover the Inner People Pleaser and embrace the Inner Liberated Leader that exists within us all. We have shared our hearts, wisdom and soulful woman’s souls and are excited to take you on a journey with your needs considered and space held safely. We hope you are sitting comfortably as we take you through an overview.

The Liberate Program

The Liberate Program is a 8 week E-Course where you are guided and supported on a journey of transformation meeting two archetypes; the People Pleaser, and the Liberated Leader.

Over six modules you will discover the relevance of your inner archetypes and how these personalities affect your daily thoughts and feelings, as well as influence the decisions you make and actions you take. Focusing on the people pleaser and liberated leader archetypes, it will reveal how to unleash your inner power so that you can authentically grow and bloom in addition to the Soulful Woman already awaiting within.

We introduce, explore and embrace these inner aspects of ourselves and through a supportive toolkit of empowerment exercises, guided audio meditations, an opening and closing Zoom Circle and weekly live Q&A calls to share personal experiences, join discussions and ask questions.

The Liberate Program is for you if you…

find it challenging to say ‘no’ in aim of pleasing and meeting expectations of yourself and others

prioritise others needs and automatically give to others first, finding little or no time for yourself and consideration of your own needs

would like to find more balance in considering your ‘yes’s and no’s’ and feel comfortable and confident in expressing them

What’s included in this 8 Week Program

Membership Access to Liberate Online Program

All documentation with full instructions and guidance

Access to an private online portal area where all documentation and materials are stored

Empowerment audio meditations

Weekly Live Q&A calls

Opening and closing Zoom Circle

One-to-one support available from Amy and Helen

Introductory Offer £297

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