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Maiden Goddess


Heal & re-parent your youthful self

Reclaim the Maiden Goddess within

RISE empowered, confident & free

One-To-One Mentorship Program

I currently have an opening for 6 new mentoree's starting March 2022

Are you lacking in self-confidence and yearn to believe in yourself, so that you can show up more authentically?
Do you feel insecure in and about yourself and long to be self-validating, so that no longer require the external validation of others to feel of value or worthy?
Have you ever wondered how you can genuinely break free from childhood or relationship wounds, so that you can authentically rise in your feminine power?

Can you feel your Maiden calling you?

Your inner Maiden is eager to meet you and is ready to lovingly greet you.

She is yearning to be seen, heard and acknowledged by you, as well as receive your unconditional acceptance and love.

Will you accept and respond to her invitation for engagement?

Who is your Maiden archetype?

The Maiden archetype is the youthful aspect of self that develops from conception until the age of motherhood. As an archetype she is an addition to the inner child, although also intrinsically linked to the inner child. She is an aspect of our personality that resides within us always, regardless of our age. We all have a Maiden personality who embodies our uncorrupted nature, desire for independence and youthful perspective.

This inner archetype rises at various times throughout the day, month, year and life cycle to gift us her potentiality. Her enthusiastic energy is passionate about new experiences, learning and life. The Maiden’s adventurous nature, practical attitude and sense of freedom is liberating and can help us build self-confidence, belief and worth. She embraces the ascent process and values growth and expansion, for she knows that here resides opportunity, potentiality and unlimited possibility.

Your Maiden was birthed from all that you saw, heard and experienced as a child, teenager and young adult. The wounded or shadow part of your Maiden may also rise during times of stress or challenge when her unfulfilled needs, suppressed thoughts and/or repressed feelings get triggered. This can activate sabotaging behaviours which your wounded Maiden believes are preventing further wounding and therefore keeping you safe. 

The magical or light part of your Maiden has an innocence, is creative, curious and full of joy. She has an expansive influence on your life, gifting you her youthful perspective, energy and creativity in supporting you to experience a self-empowered and soul-led life. She is a welcomed ally and enriches all aspects of your life including your relationships, soul-work, creativity, wealth and health in unimaginable ways.

Each day your inner Maiden rises with the ascending sun gifting you her youthful energy to start the day. Each month she rises during the first quarter phase of the lunar cycle and in the menstruation cycle, she is present during the follicular phase  which are approximately days 8-14. The Maiden Goddess season runs from the Spring Equinox until the Summer Solstice each year during the ‘Wheel of the Year ‘, gifting you to opportunity to re-parent her in order to reconcile another layer of your conditioned, shadow self, as well as embody a reclaimed facet of your true self.

Throughout your adult life, your inner Maiden influences your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as well as the decisions you make and actions you take. If your shadow Maiden is present, you can experience negative self-talk, feelings of not being good enough, fear of rejection, a tendency to compare yourself to others and/or people pleasing traits. These can limit your relationships with others, prevent you from following your dreams, preclude authentic expression and stop you from living the life your deserve. 

By connecting and collaborating with your inner Maiden, you can heal your unresolved physical, emotional, creative and soulful needs. This gentle yet powerful form of self-empowerment allows your Maiden to feel seen, heard and acknowledged by you, trusting you to re-parent her and fulfil her unmet needs as she transitions from being a dependent child to independent young woman. As you develop together, you will both grow in confidence, know true worth and feel loved.

Welcoming you into the sanctuary of the 'Rise of the Maiden'

‘Rise of the Maiden’ is a bespoke 12 module program. Its aim is to help you transcend the conditioning of your shadow Maiden archetype and step fully into the power and light of their true Maiden essence. Blending Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ techniques and feminine practices, you are encouraged to release the conditioning that restricts you, integrate the medicine that empowers you and align to the resources that elevate you. I welcome you into this sacred, safe space of empowerment and lasting transformation.

Inviting Self-Empowerment

The keys to being the person you were born to be and experience the life you deserve to live, are already present within you; dormant and patiently waiting for your recognition. Your feminine archetypes provide the solution to meaningful change, genuine transformation and joyful soul-led living. These inner personalities facilitate the graceful reconciliation of your shadow and the radiation of your light by re-aligning you to your true essence, feminine power, inner resources and innate gifts.

The reality is that there isn’t a magic wand that can conjure a quick fix for you and your life. There isn’t a guru or expert that holds the keys to your happiness and fulfilment. There is YOU however! You are the alchemist that can transform the wounds of your shadow self into the gold of your true self. That gold already exists within you, waiting to be re-discovered. I am here to help you unearth your gold and radiate your unique self with confidence and belief.

Rise of the Maiden empowers you to:

recognise your unfulfilled needs

transform negative beliefs about yourself that limit your confidence

discover and release repressed emotions that are holding you back

resolve unhelpful behavioural patterns that sabotage your life

prioritise your own needs so that you can discern when to give to yourself and when to give to others

discover who you are for authentic expression

Rise and Soar by:

fulfilling your needs through soulful self-care practices

nurturing positive beliefs about yourself that increase self-confidence

developing emotional resilience for navigating challenging times

building healthy behavioural patterns that cultivate self-mastery

being creative and playful to increase joy

experiencing a soul-led and self-created life

Rise of the Maiden Is For You If You ...

struggle with feelings of not being enough so experience self-doubt

find it challenging to express yourself so silence how you are feeling

experience low confidence which holds you back

compare yourself to others

sabotage your happiness, health and wealth

Rise of the Maiden Modules

Details To Follow

Soul Ceremonies

Soul ceremonies are a safe space for you in journey into your inner world from the comfort of your own home. You will be gently guided through a self-healing practice using Soul Alignment Medicine energy healing. It will be facilitated by Helen live on Zoom for 90 minutes and then a recording uploaded to the website portal within 24 hours. Ceremonies take place on the following dates:

Dates TBC

Program Delivery

Rise of the Maiden exclusively takes place within the website portal at ‘Soulful Woman Rising’. This will be your sacred space for all program modules and materials for the duration of the course. Therefore it’s important that you make a note of your login and password, as this will be required for access when we begin.

Together, we will be completing one module each week, as embodied empowerment requires regular and persistent action to maintain momentum and generate the desired transformation. I estimate that this will take approximately one hour each week, but please be aware that this may vary from person to person. I highly recommend diarising time each week dedicated to reading the material and completing any exercises. This builds routine and is good practice in prioritising your needs, honouring your worth and establishing self-care boundaries. Soul ceremonies are in addition to this recommended time.

Inviting Connection

To support your transformation, you will have exclusive access to the Soulful Woman private sanctuary on Telegram. This is a safe space to connect and build friendships with like-spirited sisters that are sharing this journey with you. It’s a place for you to reach out for support, celebrate your successes or engage with all matters soulful. I am passionate about establishing this as a sacred place for full expression, where you can all feel seen, heard and acknowledged.

Learn About The Program Facilitator

Maiden Goddess Rising is facilitated by Helen Courtney; Soul Alignment Visionary and Coach. Through her own personal challenges and professional training, Helen fully appreciates the powerful role that self-empowerment and self-healing plays in achieving self-acceptance and love. She is an advocate for female empowerment, mental health and emotional wellbeing though the honouring and embodiment of our feminine archetypes and cycles. By becoming our own authority, we awaken our true nature, claim our feminine power and express our authentic self. When consciously connecting to and collaborating with our inner archetypes, we confidently experience a self-empowered and self-created life. Helen’s mantra is ‘Individually we RISE but collectively we THRIVE; cultivating a world of peace, joy and abundance.’ If you would like more information about this program or wish to discuss if this program will meet your specific needs, I am more than happy to speak with you. Please book an ‘Awakening call’ so that we can discuss in more detail. 

Love Notes From Last Seasons Program Participants:

I feel myself very fortunate and blessed that Helen came into my life and is my companion and travelling guide. I have learnt much about accountability, understanding my true self and empowerment through spending time with Helen. I have grown so much in this time and so appreciate that Helen has held space for me, sharing wisdom through my challenges and celebrating in my growth and successes. Helen has very special gifts that shine through in her offerings. I love working with Helen in one-to-one healings and also in group sessions as for me there is always a uniqueness in the offering, being just what I need at that time. Thank you Helen for being you and in all that you offer. I highly recommend exploring how Helen can support you on your journey.

Michelle Chilton – UK

I’m so grateful you came into my life. I was at a crossroads of confusion and grief. You helped show me how to make sense of these feelings and find a new journey. I have met some lovely people along the way and love the strength and love which is shared in the collective. Women being together, without stabbing each other in the back, being natural and not in competition and supporting each other. For that I am truly grateful, not only to you, but to the women who form our tribe. Sending love and gratitude to you all.
Nikki Lathbury – UK

Helen has helped me work through many journeys since I met her a few years ago. I was a little apprehensive about doing an online ceremony, as I love being physically present with people and connecting face-to-face. I shouldn’t of worried. This circle is still as intimate and welcoming as a face-to-face session. I feel supported and empowered by everyone around me and I really believe the collective energy helps my inner journey. I feel like I learn something new every session and can’t wait for the next one.

Louise – UK