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Mother Goddess Rising

Mother Goddess


Heal the shadow mother within

Reclaim your Mother Goddess essence

Rise Empowered, Confident & Free

Are you trapped in a cycle of being a 'rescuer' to others, helping out often to the detriment of yourself, leaving you feeling fatigued and frustrated?
Do you strive to tap into your inner power and potential, but struggle to break free of feelings of helplessness?
Does self-care feel inaccessible, as you prioritise other peoples needs above your own which leaves you feeling tired, frustrated or stressed?

This is your invitation to break free from the limitation of your shadow and

rise empowered in your Mother Goddess essence.

Connect to your manifesting powers, so that you can metaphorically birth what brings you genuine bliss, fulfilment and abundance.
Feel worthy of living in your feminine power, so that you can create the life you desire and deserve.
Access and master self-care practices that nurture your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

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Achieve considered, lasting change through the embodiment of your inner Mother's innate wisdom, nurturing inner resources and supportive nature.

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The season of the Mother Goddess runs from the Summer Solstice until the Autumn Equinox each year. During this season, your inner Mother rises to gift you her healing medicine that gently liberates you from the limitations of your conditioned self and gracefully facilitates the reclamation of your authentic self, feminine power and innate gifts.

We all have an inner Mother personality, as this primordial archetype represents nature and natures cycles of birth, life and death. The Mother archetype is the symbol of creation and shapes your life through her ability to conceive an idea, nurture the vision through its gestation and then birth it into reality. This may be the metaphorical birth of a healthy relationship, creative interest, inspiring project, ideal home, dream career or financial wealth.

Through her connection to nature and natures cycles, she models your experience of daily life. She supports the transition between waking and sleeping and being active (doing) and passive (being), as well as influencing how you experience your menstrual cycle. She is the inner personality who is all-accepting and all-loving, as she is free from judgment and expectation. Her meaningful understanding of and empathy for the spectrum of human emotions makes her an exceptional companion. She is nurturing, protective and encourages you to be the fullest expression of who you are, so that you can rise in your own sovereignty.

Like all archetypes, the Mother Goddess has both the shadow and the light aspects to her personality. Over the Summer, aspects of your shadow mother may be activated; amplifying negative self-talk, triggering emotional insecurities and causing dis-empowerment through sabotaging behaviours. These disparaging thoughts, feelings and actions can have a detrimental effect on your mental health and emotional wellbeing. However, there is a blessing in every burden. The activation of your shadow mother offers significant guidance and is your personal sign-post to freedom, urging you to release the restrictions of your unconsciously programmed self.

There’s no time like the present to be liberated from habitual limiting beliefs about yourself, self-destructive emotions or sabotaging behaviours that prevent you from fulfilling your potential and living authentically. It’s time to access and align to your true essence, feminine power and innate gifts. Don’t waste any more time, life is far too precious. I invite you to engage with both your shadow Mother and true Mother essence, so that you can reclaim the truth of who YOU are and were born to be!

I warmly offer you my hand to welcome, reassure and guide you

I am Helen, the Founder of Soulful Woman Rising® and creator of this program. Through my former struggle with self-criticism, low confidence and self-doubt, I fully understand and empathise with the negative impact that the shadow self has on all aspects of life. For many years, I walked the path of believing that I was ‘not enough’ fuelled by covert fears of people’s judgment or rejection, that unknowingly forged a need within me to seek external validation from others.

Thankfully the embodiment of my feminine archetypes, empowered me to be aware of, understand and reconcile my conditioned shadow, so that I could discover, embrace and integrate my true self. During my journey I gained the self-acceptance, confidence and self belief I needed to remodel myself and my life. In reclaiming my true essence, I salvaged my life and feel deeply blessed to now be with my life-partner, have healthy friendships with like-spirited individuals, be helping women through my soul work and living my bliss.

Over the years many women have expressed similar struggles to my own; all suffering in silence as they were unsure of another way of being and living. Countless women were confined by their shadow beliefs, emotions and behaviours, preventing them living authentically, fulfilling their potential and being self-realised. I realised that these women needed a safe sanctuary that could support them in breaking free from their conditioned limitations and guide them to rise empowered! Blending professional training with my own experiences, I gladly share proven tools and easy-to-apply techniques, that empower the transition from striving to thriving!

Welcoming you into the safe sanctuary of 'Rise of the Mother'

‘Rise of the Mother’ is a self-healing program that spans over 10 modules. The intention of this program is to support you through self-empowerment practices, to transcend the conditioning of your shadow Mother archetype and step fully into the power and light of your true Mother essence. Blending Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ techniques and feminine practices, you will be encouraged to release the conditioning that restricts you, integrate the medicine that empowers you and align to the resources that elevate you. This program is a safe container that unites like-spirited women, so that individually and collectively we can be free from the shadows of our wounded mother within and return to the light of true mother essence. I welcome you into this sacred, safe space of empowerment and lasting transformation.

Inviting Self-Empowerment

The keys to being the person you were born to be and experience the life you deserve to live, are already present within you; dormant and patiently waiting for your recognition. Your feminine archetypes provide the solution to meaningful change, genuine transformation and joyful soul-led living. These inner personalities facilitate the graceful reconciliation of your shadow and the radiation of your light by re-aligning you to your true essence, feminine power, inner resources and innate gifts.

The reality is that there isn’t a magic wand that can conjure a quick fix for you and your life. There isn’t a guru or expert that holds the keys to your happiness and fulfilment. There is YOU however! You are the alchemist that can transform the wounds of your shadow self into the gold of your true self. That gold already exists within you, waiting to be re-discovered. I am here to help you unearth your gold and radiate your unique self with confidence and belief.

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Negative self-talk is the voice of your shadow self, who is conditioned to think, feel and behave in a way that inhibits your authentic expression and marginalises your gifts. Impacting the decisions you make and actions you take on a daily basis, your shadow distorts your perception of self, creates self-doubt and lowers confidence. Over time this can negatively impact your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Praising self-talk is the voice of your true self, who is free of conditioning and encourages you to express yourself authentically, find your bliss and share your innate gifts with the world. Your true self inspires heart-led decisions and soul-led actions, that generate a life of joy, fulfilment and abundance. 

Your shadow mother self can present as:

feelings of inadequacy and/or shame

over scheduling yourself and/or over committing to things

being emotionally unavailable for yourself

neglecting your own needs and using excuses to justify why you don’t honour yourself

believing that you have to stick to societies rules to be ‘good enough’

comparing yourself to others in terms of who you are, what you’re doing and what you’ve achieved

being over-protective in relationships by suppressing your partners needs by believing that you know better

a belief that you are not worthy of pursuing your dreams

This bespoke women’s circle will support you to
gently transition from a place of self-limitation to self-expansion;
building trust in your self, owning your feminine power, and honouring your needs.

Modern society teaches us to look outside of ourself for happiness, fulfilment and abundance which can cause us to experience mental, emotional and physical stress that we perceive as a normal part of life. This unconscious fear of being enough, achieving enough and having enough can trigger our fight/flight/freeze response. Living in this physiological state creates an unconscious disconnection to our true self, feminine power and innate gifts.

Have faith in YOU. You are capable of breaking free from the limitations of your shadow Mother and reclaiming your true Mother essence, so that you rise empowered, confident and free. You do not need to be haunted by the limitations of your conditioned shadow that judges your efforts, criticises your actions or undermines your achievements. You no longer have to feel inadequate, believe you’re unworthy or constantly give to others to the detriment of your own mental health and emotional wellbeing.

You can be free of limitation and rise authentically in your power and truth.
You are capable of realising your potential and achieving your true heart’s desires.
Are you ready?
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Let me support you and guide you step-by-step in taking the actions required to break free from the limitations of your shadow Mother and reclaim your Mother essence.

Rise of the Mother will help you gently transition from self-limitation to self-expansion by reconciling your shadow Mother and embracing your true Mother essence. This women’s circle is an exclusive blend of enlightened guidance, grounded practices and Soul Alignment Medicineself-healing techniques, that gently take you on a journey from dis-empowered to empowered living!

By mastering mindful practices, you will recognise when your shadow mother becomes active and be aware of how she impacts your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You will learn how to identify to what degree she sabotages the decisions you make and manipulates the actions you take; preventing you from expressing your true self, living in your power and fulfilling your potential. By nurturing a constructive relationship with your shadow Mother, she will feel seen, heard and witnessed by you, so feel safe to break free of her conditioned blueprint and return to wholeness.

Reclaiming your true Mother essence will enable you to develop positive self-talk, be emotionally responsive and engage in empowering behaviours. She is the real you that is ready to rise and thrive. You will learn to make soul-led decisions and discern what actions allow you to shine as your authentic self, be in your power and fulfil your true potential. By cultivating a collaborative relationship with your Mother within, you can experience the life you desire and deserve.

As a circle, we will journey through the following modules together each week.

1 – Living Soul-Fully
2 – Discovering The Mother Within
3 – Unearthing The Shadow Within
4 – Mothers Goddess Love
5 – Mother Goddess Expression
6 – Mother Goddess Wisdom
7 – Mother Goddess Unity
8 – Mother Goddess Womb
9 – Mother Goddess Care
10 – Reclaiming The Mother Goddess Within
11 – Embodying The Mother Essence
12 – Rise & Thrive

Welcoming you into the safety of your transformational space

‘Rise Of The Mother’ exclusively takes place within the Soulful Woman Rising website portal which is accessed using your personal username and password. This is your sacred space containing all program modules and material. We will aim to complete one module each week, as this provides the momentum required for embodied and lasting change and the achievement of the transformation you desire.

On average each module takes approximately 2 hours, but please be aware that this can vary from person to person. I highly recommend diarising time each week dedicated to this program, gifting yourself time to read the material and complete the Soul Empowerment Exercises. This helps build routine and is good practice in prioritising your own needs and establishing a self-care plan, as well as honouring your transformational vision.

'Rise Of The Mother' holds the key to your potential, wellbeing and abundance if you have a desire to ...

 Balance your time and energy by discerning what you take on board and what you say ‘no’ to

be emotionally available for yourself so that you can build emotional resilience

 honour your own needs with nurturing self-care practices that support your mental health and emotional wellbeing

 transcend the negative impact of comparison, so that you can replace self-sabotaging behaviours with self-empowering ones

 invest time and energy in personal transformation and expansion, so you can lead the life you desire and deserve

achieve genuine and lasting change, rather than a short-term quick fix

 discover and reclaim your true self, so that you can self-create a life of soul-led joy, fulfilment and abundance

 engage in life-altering practices that awaken your true nature, claim your power and invite freedom of authentic expression

It's time to begin making the transformations you're been yearning for.
You deserve to be empowered, confident and free!

I recognise that it takes courage to embark on a journey of change. I honour any feelings of apprehension that you may be experiencing. Please know that you are more than welcome to speak to me in person, so that we can discuss any resistance you may be witnessing. I am here to guide you in whatever way I can and I gladly offer my support in helping you to make the necessary changes for you to feel empowered, confident and free.

Your investment in yourself which includes
entry to the website portal of material, live Soul Ceremonies,
Ceremony re-plays and exclusive access to a private Telegram group is
£34 per month for 3 months.

This is a special offer, as the usual investment is £76.33 per month