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Rise Up

It's Your Time To

Rise Up

Break Free From Self-Criticism

Reclaim Your True Self

Rise Empowered, Confident & Free

Do self-critical thoughts distort your perception of yourself; restricting your confidence, lowering your self-esteem and diminishing your worth?
Are you plagued by negative, discouraging self-talk that sabotages your true potential in relationships, work and life?
Do you often find yourself trying to meet other people's expectations or ideals, as you don't feel enough?
This is an invitation to set yourself free from your dis-empowering cynical inner voice and reclaim your empowering true voice.
You deserve to let go of self-destructive and sabotaging behaviours that inhibit your motivation, reduce your confidence, undermine your self-belief and stop you from fulfilling your true potential.
This is your time to RISE UP and THRIVE!

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Inviting gentle but lasting change, so you have the required foundation for building the life you desire and deserve

To some extent we all experience self-criticism. We may not be fully aware of the degree of our own cynicism however, as this voice may be a familiar one. According to a study by Womankind, women criticise themselves on average eight times per day with the first criticism starting as early as 9.30am. Whilst awake, this means that women on average experience a self-critical thought every one and a half hours. Self-criticism is epidemic in modern society and something that I am passionate about helping women change, so that they can align to their true self.

Self-criticism is a manifestation of your unfiltered experiences as a child. This includes all that you saw, heard and witnessed in terms of judgment, criticism or hurt towards yourself or others at home, school or in society, as well as through the media. Therefore, self-criticism is simply conditioned thinking, a reactive response and learnt behaviour and not an expression of your authentic self.

As an adult, you are now capable of transforming this voice from one of disparagement to one of encouragement. You are worthy of and able to free yourself from conditioned self-cynicism, so that you can fully connect with your true nature and unleash your untapped potential. By aligning to your authentic self you reclaim your confidence, self-belief and worth. Through genuine and lasting self-empowerment, you can achieve the life you desire and deserve.

I warmly offer you my hand to welcome, reassure and guide you

I am Helen, the Founder of Soulful Woman Rising® and creator of this program. Through my former struggle with self-criticism, low confidence and self-doubt, I fully understand and empathise with the negative impact that the shadow self has on all aspects of life. For many years, I walked the path of believing that I was ‘not enough’ fuelled by covert fears of people’s judgment or rejection, that unknowingly forged a need within me to seek external validation from others.

Thankfully the embodiment of my feminine archetypes, empowered me to be aware of, understand and reconcile my conditioned shadow, so that I could discover, embrace and integrate my true self. During my journey I gained the self-acceptance, confidence and self belief I needed to remodel myself and my life. In reclaiming my true essence, I salvaged my life and feel deeply blessed to now be with my life-partner, have healthy friendships with like-spirited individuals, be helping women through my soul work and living my bliss.

Over the years many women have expressed similar struggles to my own; all suffering in silence as they were unsure of another way of being and living. Countless women were confined by their shadow beliefs, emotions and behaviours, preventing them living authentically, fulfilling their potential and being self-realised. I realised that these women needed a safe sanctuary that could support them in breaking free from their conditioned limitations and guide them to rise empowered! Blending professional training with my own experiences, I gladly share proven tools and easy-to-apply techniques, that empower the transition being your greatest critic to being your biggest champion.


Self criticism is the voice of your Inner Critic, who is one of many archetypes that together form your personality. Archetypes influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as the decisions you make and actions you take on a daily basis by either empowering or dis-empowering you.

Some archetypes like your Inner Critic form part of your shadow self which is the disparaging and dis-empowering aspect of your psyche.  Others such as your Inner Champion form part of your true self that is the authentic, encouraging and empowering part of you. Your shadow archetypes are the conditioned aspects of your personality, whilst the soulful archetypes form the authentic parts of who you are and were born to be.

The toxic effects of self-criticism can include:

Increased stress

Decreased motivation

Greater feelings of helplessness

Lowered ability to recognise opportunities

Decreased tendency to capitalise on opportunities

Self-blame for negative outcomes, results or experiences

Increased risk of mental health challenges such as depression

This bespoke program will help you to gently transition from a place of
self-criticism to self-celebration; improving your confidence, self-worth and self-belief.

You can guarantee that self-criticism shows up when you least expect or want it to. Cynical thoughts unexpectedly arise out of the blue, creating uncomfortable feelings in the body and spiralling negative thoughts, accompanied by worry or fear. Confidence is undermined with beliefs of not being good enough, triggering self doubt and feelings of helplessness. Once your Inner Critic is active, she influences your mood, motivation, focus, energy levels and resilience.

Your Inner Critic has various strategies to keep you trapped in your comfort zone, especially when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, under pressure or challenged. These can include needing to gain control, an innate desire to do things perfectly, over-working through fear of failure, imposter syndrome, guilt over past mistakes or wanting to conform to other people’s expectations. These thoughts and feelings unconsciously sabotage some or all aspects of your life such as relationships, career, health or wealth.

There is hope. You can break free from the limitations of your Inner Critic and reclaim your true self, so that you rise empowered, confident and free. You do not need to be haunted by the negative internal commentary of your Inner Critic that judges your efforts, criticises your actions or undermines your achievements. You no longer have to feel unfulfilled; taking two steps forward and one back in your personal or work life.

You can be free of limitation and rise self-empowered, more confident and believing in yourself.
You are capable of realising your potential and achieving your true heart’s desires.
Are you ready to rise up?

Let me support you and guide you step-by-step in taking the actions required to break free from the limitations of your Inner Critic and reclaim your true self, power and confidence.

Rise Up will help you gently transition from self-criticism to self-celebration by reconciling your Inner Critic and embracing your Inner Champion. This program is an exclusive blend of enlightened guidance, grounded practices and Soul Alignment Medicineself-healing techniques, that gently take you on a journey from dis-empowered to empowered living!

By mastering mindful practices, you will recognise when your Inner Critic becomes active and be aware of how she impacts your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You will learn how to identify to what degree she sabotages the decisions you make and manipulates the actions you take; preventing you from expressing your true self, living in your power and fulfilling your potential. By nurturing a constructive relationship with your Inner Critic, she will feel seen, heard and witnessed by you, so feel safe to break free of her conditioned blueprint and return to wholeness.

Reclaiming your Inner Champion will enable you to develop positive self-talk, be emotionally responsive and engage in empowering behaviours. She is the real you that is ready to rise and thrive. You will learn to make soul-led decisions and discern what actions allow you to shine as your authentic self, be in your power and fulfil your true potential. By cultivating a collaborative relationship with your Inner Champion, you can experience the life you desire and deserve.

During the program, you will journey through the following modules.

1 – Discovering Archetypes

Exploring the concept of archetypes, in order to gain a clear understanding of how inner personalities influence how you think, feel and behave on a daily basis. Through archetype alchemy, you can learn how to collaborate with these key figures to self-create the life you desire and deserve.

2 – Discovering Duality

Providing insights into the shadow and soulful aspects of your personality, so that you can consciously discern between your shadow or soulful thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The Soul Empowerment Exercise helps you ascertain which aspects of you are conditioned and which originate from your true self. This conscious awareness facilities your freedom from self-criticism.

3 – Path To Empowerment

Discover the importance of being self-empowered and the positive impact this has on creating the life you desire and deserve. This module provides easy to apply empowering tools which offer practical solutions in building new healthy lifestyle habits that align you to your Inner Champion.

4 – Reconciling The Critic Within

This module focuses on the 7 types of Inner Critic and how they were born of your unfiltered childhood experiences of all that you saw, heard and witnessed in terms of judgment, criticism or hurt towards yourself or others at home, school or in society, as well as through the media. During a guided inner journey, you will meet and heal your Inner Critic beliefs, feelings and behaviours, freeing her of conditioned limitations.

5 – Returning To Power

Supporting you to understand the different aspects of personal power and recognise when you give you power away or when others take your power through their words, behaviours and actions. The Self Empowerment Exercise will enable you to recall, reclaim and embody the various aspects of yourself that have become disconnected from your true self.

6 – Reclaiming The Champion Within

Connecting you to the resources and gifts of your Inner Champion.  This archetype is a powerful ally in aligning you to your feminine power so that you can reclaim your self-belief, confidence and worth. Through genuine and lasting self-empowerment, you can fulfil your true potential within all aspects of life including your relationships, career, health and wealth.

7 – Living In Alignment

Providing an understanding of the benefits of living in alignment with your heart and soul, so that you can self-create a life of joy, fulfilment and abundance. This lifestyle choice enables you to honour your own inner seasons and cycles, by witnessing changes in energy, mood, resilience, food cravings and sex drive. Having a daily alignment plan sets a clear intention and maintains focus.

8 – Rise and Thrive

This is your time to be set free, so that you can rise and thrive. With a myriad of easy to apply tools and simple practices mastered during this program, you can now soar alone. With increased confidence, self-belief and a deeper sense of self-worth you are able to self-create the life you desire and deserve.


Light Body Activation

Rest & Rejuvenation

Access to Rise Up Private Telegram Sanctuary

Welcoming you into the safety of your transformational space

Rise Up exclusively takes place within the Soulful Woman Rising website portal which is accessed using your personal username and password. This is your sacred space containing all program modules and material. There are eight modules in total which you can complete at your own pace, although I recommend aiming to complete one module each week. This regular and persistent action will provide the momentum required for embodied and lasting empowerment, as well as enable you to successfully achieve the transformation you desire.

On average each module takes between 2 – 3 hours, but please be aware that this can vary from person to person. I highly recommend diarising time each week dedicated to this program, gifting yourself time to read the material and complete the Soul Empowerment Exercises. This helps build routine and is good practice in prioritising your own needs, establishing a self-care plan and honours your transformational vision.

Rise Up holds the key to your freedom and self-empowerment if you have a desire to ...

 break free from the limitations of your conditioned shadow and champion the light of your true self

 transcend the cynicism of your Inner Critic and embrace the optimism of your Inner Champion

 replace your self-sabotaging behaviours for self-supportive ones

change your conditioned thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so you can believe in yourself, be confident and feel empowered

 invest time and energy in personal transformation and expansion, so you can lead the life you desire and deserve

achieve genuine and lasting change, rather than a short-term quick fix

 discover and reclaim your true self, so that you can self-create a life of soul-led joy, fulfilment and abundance

 engage in life-altering practices that awaken your true nature, claim your power and invite freedom of authentic expression

It's time to begin making the transformations you're been yearning for.
You deserve to be empowered, confident and free!

I recognise that it takes courage to embark on a journey of change. I honour any feelings of apprehension that you may be experiencing. please know that you are more than welcome to speak to me in person, so that we can discuss any resistance you may be witnessing from your Inner Critic. I am here to guide you in whatever way I can and I gladly offer my support in helping you to make the necessary changes for you to feel empowered, confident and free.

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