Rise Up

Overcome Self-Criticism. Rise Self-Empowered!

Course Commencing 21st June 2021

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Welcome to Rise Up; a transformational 8 week e-course to set you free of the limitations of self-criticism and enable you to rise up empowered!

Are you plagued by a negative, discouraging self monologue that sabotages your life and deprives you of your dreams?
Do self-critical thoughts distort your vision of yourself; restricting your confidence, lowering your self-esteem and diminishing your worth?
Do you often compare yourself to others or conform to societies ideals, as you struggle to be content with who you are?

Helen has soulfully crafted this 8-week program to help you discover your Inner Critic and embrace your Inner Champion. An exclusive blend of enlightened guidance, grounded practices and Soul Alignment Medicineself-healing techniques, will gently take you on a journey of self-empowerment that invites you to rise up in authenticity and power!

We all experience self-criticism from time to time and guaranteed it will present itself when we least expect or want it. Our thoughts reveal our deepest insecurities, which we prefer to keep hidden from ourselves and others. Self-criticism is an unwelcome catalyst to self-doubt, uncomfortable feelings, and self-sabotage. Every now and then, you may experience thoughts that undermine your confidence by telling you that you’re not good enough, clever enough or courageous enough. You may feel worthless due to the comparison that you make between your efforts and the achievements of others. Perhaps you stop yourself from trying something new as you fear failing, so instead choose to remain in the safety of your comfort zone. These thoughts, feelings and beliefs are not your own but originate from your inner critic archetype, who is the dis-empowering part of your psyche.

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Your inner critic is the self-destructive part of your personality who’s dialogue creates a problematic loop of self-criticism which feeds your deepest insecurities, anxieties and fears. She is an expression of everything that you have seen, heard, felt, and experienced since birth. She has been conditioned to think, feel, react, and behave in a particular way, in order to avoid external criticism from others. She sways between discouragement to prevent you from moving forward in life or misguided encouragement of high or unrealistic expectations, willing you to fail so that she is proven right. She doesn’t do this maliciously as her deepest desire is to keep you safe. Her methods however are misplaced negatively impacting your confidence, self-belief and self-worth, therefore ensuring that you live life in the restrictions of your comfort zone; a recognisable and safe place.

You are most likely here because you are fed up of listening to the negative internal commentary of your Inner Critic that judges your efforts, criticises your actions, and undermines your achievements. You feel ready to rise self-empowered and be self-confident, believe in yourself and your capabilities, know your value and worth and follow your true heart’s desires. It’s time to take soul-led action and rise as the Soulful Woman you are! Here’s an overview of the program …

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Rise Up holds the key to your self-empowerment if you…

are committed to change yourself in order to change your life

are willing to engage in life-altering practices

are ready to invest time in your own personal transformation and expansion

yearn for genuine and lasting transformation

Rise Up provides everything you need to overcome self-criticism and rise self-empowered. On your journey you will receive …

Module 1

Discovering Archetypes

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Module 2

Discovering Duality

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Module 3

Awaken the Critic Within

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Module 4

Healing the Critic Within

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Module 5

Awaken the Champion Within

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Module 6

Rise of the Champion

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Module 7

Rise Up Empowered

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Module 8

Rise & Soar

Module EBook

Empowerment Exercises

Access to our …

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It's time to begin making the transformations you're been yearning for.
No more procrastinating. No excuses.

You can safely make the first step on your self-empowerment journey today. Free yourself from the sabotaging ways of your Inner Critic and unleash the authentic YOU. She is waiting and ready to Rise Up!

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