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Enabling You To


You Deserve To REALISE Your Full Potential And LIVE Your Dream Life

Hello, I’m so pleased that you’re arrived here. Welcome. I’m Helen the founder of Soulful Woman Rising. I am delighted that you’re curious in learning about Self-Realisation Mentoring and its many benefits. Embarking on my own journey of self-realisation has been and continues to be, the most worthwhile gift that I have ever offered myself. It has allowed me to transition from living in a state of self-doubt, criticism and imitated confidence to now whole-heartedly believing in myself and my abilities, as well as being able to validate and genuine confidence. I no longer feel lost and a bystander in the game of life, as I am a now a willing participant having discovered who I am, and how I wish to experience this blessing of being alive.

I would feel deeply honoured to walk alongside you on your own personal pathway to self-realisation. I understand the importance of connecting with the most appropriate person for you and that it’s key to find someone with a suitable skillset, who you can trust and identify with. It’s therefore my intention to share information with you here, that may help you to discern if I I am the person that can help you to achieve lasting change you desire. If you prefer to chat in person, you are welcome to schedule a complementary ‘Discovery Call’ with me.

You were born to THRIVE, not merely SURVIVE!
Remaining in a place of avoidance or denial keeps you trapped in unhelpful patterns and cycles.

Registration is currently OPEN

It is extremely important to me that I work from a place of integrity, in order to ensure the service I provide is of the highest quality for the women I serve. I have therefore chosen to create an opening for 40 women to step into the self-realisation space each calendar year.

W/C 9th January 2023 – 10 Places available

W/C 10th April 2023 – 10 Places available

W/C 10th July 2023 – 10 Places available

W/C 9th October 2023 – 10 Places available

Welcoming you into the safe sanctuary of 'Thrive'

Gently facilitating self-realisation through self-discovery, healing and empowerment; freeing you to be the woman you were born to be!

‘Thrive’ is a 12-week mentoring program tailored to your individual requirements, which is intended to support your journey home to your TRUE self potentiality, power and expression. As a personalised experience, Thrive offers dedicated time and space for you to explore what is adversely effecting your relationship with yourself, others and/or your life experience.

Your Personalised Mentoring Experience

Gently facilitating self-realisation through self-discovery, healing and empowerment; freeing you to be the woman you were born to be!

Your mentoring experience begins with a Zoom Discovery Call. On this call, we will discuss your motivation for engaging with mentoring, how this is currently impacting you and your life, as well as your aspirations for our 12 weeks together. 

12 hours of 1:1 Mentoring – Six, Fortnightly Sessions

Sessions last 2 hours

Embodiment Practice


Do you feel lost, stuck or unsure of who you are anymore, perhaps asking yourself 'Who am I and why am I here? Are they feelings gently nudging you to discover, be and live as your vibrant radiant true self?
Are you plagued by feelings of insecurity and therefore find yourself people pleasing in order to feel of value or worth, however long to be self-validating so that you can RISE empowered?
Ready to genuinely break free from conditioned limiting beliefs, emotional reactions and unhelpful behaviours that sabotage your potential, freeing you to THRIVE in all aspects of life?

Can You Feel Your True Self Reaching Out To You?

She's ready to gift you her healing medicine, inner resources and innate gifts, so that you can authentically RISE & THRIVE in all aspects of life!

Will you accept her invitation to RISE self-empowered, worthy and confident and THRIVE by living a soul-led life of pure joy, sincere fulfilment and unlimited abundance?

I'm Ready To Thrive

Who is your True Self?

Your ‘True Self’ is the authentic essence of who you are and were born to be. It is the aspect of self that embodies:

  • your personal power such as confidence, worthiness and deservedness
  • inner resources such as adaptability, resilience, compassion, forgiveness,
  • innate gifts that are unique to you
  • self healing medicine that reconciles your false self, conditioned limiting beliefs, emotional reactions and unhelpful behaviours

We all have an innate Wise Woman personality within who embodies our intuitive resources, healing capabilities and mature perspective. This inner archetype rises at various times throughout the day, month, year and life cycle to gift us her valuable guidance and potentiality. She invites us to slow down so that we can authentically be with our own thoughts, feelings and experiences; free from distraction or outside influences. Our Wise Woman is the aspect of our personality that embraces the descent process and values the potentiality of stillness and darkness, for she knows that here resides death, rebirth and creation.

Who is your False Self?

Your ‘False Self’ is the conditioned aspect of you that embodies:

  • limiting beliefs about yourself that negatively impact your confidence
  • emotional reactions
  • unhelpful behaviours that sabotage your wellbeing

Your False Self was birthed from all that you saw, heard and experienced as a child, teenager and young adult. This shadow aspect of your personality may get triggered during times of stress or challenge when your needs are unfulfilled, suppressed thoughts and/or repressed feelings get triggered. This can activate sabotaging behaviours which your False Self believes are preventing further wounding and therefore keeping you safe. Throughout your adult life, your inner Maiden influences your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as well as the decisions you make and actions you take. If your shadow Maiden is present, you can experience negative self-talk, feelings of not being good enough, fear of rejection, a tendency to compare yourself to others and/or people pleasing traits. These can limit your relationships with others, prevent you from following your dreams, preclude authentic expression and stop you from living the life your deserve. 

Welcoming you into the safe sanctuary of 'Thrive'

Gently facilitating self-realisation through self discovery, healing and empowerment, so you can be the woman you were born to be!

‘Rise & thrive’ is a private mentoring program that spans over a year. With considered intention, this program empowers and nurtures you to transcend the conditioning of your False self and step fully into the power and light of your True Self. Blending Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ techniques and feminine practices, you will be encouraged to release the conditioning that restricts you, integrate the medicine that empowers you and align to the resources that elevate you. This program is a safe container to free yourself of the limitations of your False Self and return to the unlimited possibilities of your True Self essence. I welcome you into this sacred, safe space of empowerment and lasting transformation.

I am here and present with tender guidance, so that you feel held
as you gracefully transition one step at a time

From a place of experience and understanding, I provide proven tools to break free from
the limitations of your False Self and reclaim your True Self essence and resources.

Rise & Thrive will help you gently transition from self-limitation to self-expansion by reconciling the limiting beliefs, emotional reactions and unhelpful behaviours of your False Self and embracing the inner resources, innate gifts and healing medicine of your True Self. This program is an exclusive blend of enlightened guidance, grounded practices and Soul Alignment Medicineself-healing techniques, that progressively take you on a journey from dis-empowered to empowered living!

By mastering mindful practices, you will recognise when your False self becomes active and be aware of how she impacts your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You will learn how to identify to what degree she sabotages the decisions you make and manipulates the actions you take; preventing you from connecting to your innate wisdom, living in your power and fulfilling your potential. By nurturing a constructive relationship with your False Self, this aspect of you will be seen, heard and witnessed, therefore safe to break free of toxic conditioning and return to wholeness.

Reclaiming your True Self will enable you to develop an intuitive relationships with yourself and the natural world. You will learn to make soul-led decisions and discern what actions allow you to shine as your authentic self, be in your power and fulfil your true potential. By cultivating a collaborative relationship with your authentic essence, you can experience the life you desire and deserve.

I'm Ready To Rise & Thrive

Soulfully inviting personal empowerment and positive life change

You are the answer that you've been seeking

The secret to being the person you were born to be and experiencing the life you deserve to live is YOU! The mysteries to positive transformation are already present within you; dormant and patiently waiting for you to unearth and reveal. Your feminine archetypes provide the solution to meaningful change, genuine transformation and joyful soul-led living. These inner personalities facilitate the graceful reconciliation of your shadow and the radiation of your light by re-aligning you to your true essence, feminine power, inner resources and innate gifts.

The reality is that there isn’t a magic wand that can conjure a quick fix for you and your life. There isn’t a guru or expert that holds the keys to your happiness and fulfilment. There is YOU! You are the alchemist that can transform the wounds of your shadow self into the gold of your true self. That gold already exists within you, waiting to be re-discovered. I am here to help you unearth your gold and radiate your unique self with confidence and belief.

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I warmly offer you my hand to welcome and reassure you

You are not alone. I am here to guide and support you every step of the way.

I am Helen, the Founder of Soulful Woman Rising® and creator of this women’s circle. When I was younger I struggled with genuine confidence, was haunted by self-doubt and would self-sabotage without even realising it. Since I can remember, I was told fairytales about the proverbial damsel in distress being rescued by a knight in shining armour. This unconsciously unconditioned me to believe that women were the weaker sex and needed a man in order to be safe. The resulting conditioning of these tales were reinforced throughout my childhood which led to the creation of dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

I learnt to hide my true nature, conform and fit into societies ideals. Like many women, during my childhood and adolescence, I was conditioned to believe that I had to think, feel and behave in a particular way in order to be accepted by my peers and society. My underlying belief of not being enough, manifested in perfectionist and people pleasing tendencies that stopped me from being the person I was born to be and realising the life I yearned to live.

Through personal research and professional training, I discovered that I could be the heroine of my own destiny by consciously changing my conditioning. I realised that I could choose to break free from the negative patterns created by my shadow self, societies conditioning and ancestral programming. I explored various healing modalities and on my quest unearthed the key to meaningful and lasting transformation that changed my life forever. It is these methods that I have the joy of sharing with clients and students and that empower them to be free, so they can rise and thrive!

Over the years, many women have shared with me similar struggles to my own; all suffering in silence, existing day to day rather than truly living. Countless women were unaware that they had the power to change their life for the better, let alone where to start or what to do. This inspired me to share proven tools and easy-to-apply techniques, that could empower women to gently transition from striving to thriving. This circle is a safe sanctuary, where woman are held and supported as they reconcile their shadow self, break free from their conditioned limitations and embody their true essence, so they can experience the soul-led life of joy, fulfilment and abundance that they desire and deserve.

THRIVE holds the key to authentic living, free expression
and wellbeing if you have a desire to ...

 connect more fully to your innate instincts and deepen your intuition for soul-led living

 be truly proud of who you are by living freely and unapologetically as your authentic self

 not be defined by others but live your own truth so that you are comfortable in your own skin and able to shine your light bright

 transcend the negative impact of comparison, so that you can replace self-sabotaging behaviours with self-empowering ones

 invest time and energy in personal transformation and expansion, so you can lead the life you desire and deserve

achieve genuine and lasting change, rather than a short-term quick fix

 discover and reclaim your true self, so that you can self-create a life of soul-led joy, fulfilment and abundance

 engage in life-altering practices that awaken your true nature, claim your power and invite freedom of authentic expression

Know that you are worthy and deserving of freeing yourself from

feelings of inadequacy and/or shame that reduce your self-confidence and create self-doubt

over scheduling yourself with domesticated duties and chores, leaving little or no time for yourself

believing that you have to conform to societies ideals to be accepted and ‘good enough’

comparing yourself to others in terms of who you are, what you’re doing and what you’ve achieved

taming your true nature to meet the expectations of others

You may feel apprehensive, which is normal.
I wish to reassure you however that ...
You ARE capable of feeling enough, being genuinely confident and knowing your worth!
You ARE worthy of following your aspirations and deserve a life of happiness, fulfilment and abundance!
You ARE able to THRIVE in your full power and potentiality!

I recognise that it takes courage to embark on a journey of change. I honour any feelings of apprehension that you may be experiencing. Please know that you are more than welcome to speak to me in person, so that we can discuss any resistance you may be witnessing. I am here to guide you in whatever way I can and I gladly offer my support in helping you to make the necessary changes for you to feel empowered, confident and free.