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Time To Thrive


You Deserve To Realise Your Full Potential & Achieve Your Aspirations

Hello, I’m so pleased that you’re arrived here. Welcome. I’m Helen and I’m delighted to discover that you’re curious about Self-Realisation Mentoring and how it can benefit you personally. I appreciate that it’s essential for you to connect with the right mentor, who has the appropriate skillset, who you can whole-heartedly trust and identify with. The information here may help you decide if I am that person, however if you prefer to chat rather than read through this, you are welcome to schedule a ‘Discovery Call’ with me instead.

What is Self-Realisation Mentoring?

Self-Realisation Mentoring offers personalised support and compassionate guidance for those wishing to meet, learn and move on from whatever is creating discomfort, stress or challenge in their lives. To engage with a mentor is an opportunity to be gain greater self-understanding, bring about self-healing, realise your full potential and achieve your aspirations.

As a mentor, I hold space and encourage you to be witness to your thoughts and feelings, so that you can identity your learnt beliefs, conditioned emotional reactions and coping mechanisms/behaviours. It is often these conditioned ways of being that can keep you stuck in cycles that prevent you from navigating life’s challenges or that fulfilling your potential. An example of this may be that you are unconsciously programmed to believe that you are ‘not good enough’. This inner limiting belief, may outwardly present itself as people pleasing tendencies that drive you to prioritise the needs of others above your own. The motivating factor for this is external validation to boost your self-esteem and prove your worth. However, this long-term this can actually lower self esteem and self-worth perpetuating the cycle.

Mentoring presents many benefits. It provides a dedicated space for you to be truly heard and acknowledged; free from expectation or judgement. It also gifts you invaluable time to listen to, honour and meet your own needs, so that you can cultivate life-long self-validation techniques. Regular sessions provide gentle, consistent progression that encourages self-nourishment and accountability, so that you can learn to become your own source of empowerment. Together, these qualities create lasting and meaningful change.

I'm Ready To Thrive

A neutral space, proven techniques and tender guidance, can help you to feel held and supported as you transition one step at a time. Transformation is an organic process to be integrated and that becomes gracefully embodied through practice.

Inviting You To Gift Yourself The Ability To Thrive

‘Thrive’ is a 12-week mentoring program, personalised to your specific requirements and vision. Your mentoring experience begins with a complimentary Discovery Call. On this call, we will discuss your motivation for engaging with mentoring, how this is currently impacting you and your life, as well as your aspirations for our 12 weeks together. During our time together, you will participate in fortnightly, two-hour mentoring sessions that take place on Zoom. These sessions are conducted around a proven framework that provides structure, cultivates intuitive self-healing and facilitates self-empowerment practices.

Blending Archetype Alchemy, Soul Alignment Medicine™ techniques and shamanic women’s mystery practices practices, you will be encouraged to release the conditioning that restricts you, integrate the medicine that empowers you and align to the resources that elevate you. We will primarily be working with your inner archetypes of the Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman and Wise Woman. Combined, these embody all aspects of your personality that influence the decisions you make and actions you take in life. These are powerful allies in your self-realisation journey.

You were born to THRIVE, not merely survive!

I'm Ready To Thrive

Remaining in a place of avoidance keeps you trapped in the unhelpful patterns that prolong your discomfort, stress or challenge. Mentoring empowers you to alchemise obstructive programs into constructive ones, that enable you to realise your highest potential and achieve your aspirations.

Why Work With Me?

Engaging with me as your mentor prevents you from having to waste time reading tons of books, listening to numerous podcasts and watching lots of videos, in order to obtain information that may help you. I have done that for you during my 25+ years of training, so if you are time poor, this is a huge advantage for you. i don’t deny that those things are educational, but knowing how to practically apply that knowledge is key in order to transition from where you are now to where you desire to be. Therefore, through the application of proven practices, I can support you to make the changes that will positively impact you, how you feel about yourself and how you live your life.

By working with me, you also gain tools for life that facilitate your ability to be aware of and recognise your personal belief and fear blueprint, emotional patterns that generate particular reactions within and from you and coping strategies which sabotage the decisions you make and actions you take in life. This fundamental understanding of yourself is what supports your transition from where you are to where you want to be, as well as navigating your way through future personal or life challenges.

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Appreciative Words From Clients

"I have completed a course of self realisation work with Helen. Helen is a wonderful warm soul, who is committed to her work. I immediately felt safe with Helen, which allowed me to dig deeper into myself, I could not of done this without the trust of my mentor. I knew it was the right decision and time and person once I had the first telephone consultation. I have found the work challenging at times but so beneficial. Opening space and allowing me to explore to go inwards is an enlightening experience. I am delighted I shared this journey with Helen. And very grateful."

Anne Patmore

"Mentoring with Helen has felt like a natural progression in my personal development. My journey started from our initial meeting and one to one sessions and then spending a year healing my shadow archetypes in ladies circle with cacoa medicine, Helen's mentoring sessions have helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of self. This has enabled soul healing and moving past my self limiting beliefs. Helen has assisted me in regaining my sovereignty and to move forward in life to possibilities I didn't believe possible. I trust Helen implicitly and have been truly amazed and grateful for this opportunity."

Elizabeth Baker
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You may feel apprehensive, which is normal.
I wish to reassure you however that ...

You ARE capable of moving through the discomfort, stress or challenge that you are currently experiencing!
You ARE worthy of realising your potential and achieving your aspirations!
You ARE deserving of a meaningful life of fulfilment, joy and abundance!
You ARE able to THRIVE in your full power and authenticity!

I recognise that it takes courage to embark on a journey of change. I honour any feelings of apprehension that you may be experiencing. Please know that this is a normal part of the process and part of your psyche attempting to keep you in the familiar territory of your comfort zone. We can discuss any apprehensions on a Discovery Call together. Please remember that I was once where you are, so I fully understand and empathise with where any thoughts or feelings that are rising. I am here for you.

Next Availability Begins in April 2023.

Registration is currently OPEN

Today, you can however schedule a complimentary Discovery Call, so that we can schedule you the beginning of  your self-realisation journey in April.

It is extremely important to me that I work from a place of integrity, in order to ensure the service I provide is of the highest quality for the women I serve. I have therefore chosen to create an opening for 40 women to step into the self-realisation space each calendar year.

W/C 9th January 2023 – 10 Places available

W/C 10th April 2023 – 10 Places available

W/C 10th July 2023 – 10 Places available

W/C 9th October 2023 – 10 Places available