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Here in Peru, the Solstice is a time of giving thanks to Father Sun and Mother Moon, to the elements and Mother Earth for providing a supportive environment for growth and regeneration. It is a time of sowing seeds, planting, and nurturing growth at a pace laid out by Nature herself. In the Southern Hemisphere, the winter days are dry and bright, with cooler temperatures overnight; light serving as the daily compass.

A celebration of light, and gratitude for abundance, can be felt in all aspects of our lives. Pausing for some moments to consider what we are grateful for, as well as setting intentions for what we observe in the present and face looking forwards, directing care towards our inner and outer landscapes in order for sprouting, new leaf shoots and blossoming of flowers and fruits.

Exploring Embodiment

The work that we engage in, learning tools and techniques for self empowerment is one such avenue to witness growth. Whether considering physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of our being, embodiment is thought of here as the grounded, inhabited space where seeds take root and resulting fruit and blossom occurs. This may appear to be an end-process, however the journey is far from quick-fixes, or skipping to the end. It is one beginning with intention, unfolding with patience, overcoming resistance and fulfilled when there are no parts left to integrate; all that remains is a wholesome view that contributes to healthy wholeness.

Like in nature herself, she is fluid, adaptable, open to change and acts according to her needs. Embodiment too is effortless, in the soft, and compassionate sense; we often notice the fruits as a cycle completed, revealing an ease within that aspect of our being. Part of the natural healing process, embodiment is mirrored when we flourish; free from outside influence, connected and transmitting our True Selves.

A Continual Practice

Patience and persistence; it takes time to really embody that which we are to be, and like our seasons it comes in cycles; identify (planting seeds), acknowledge (sprouting), forgive (nurture), release (growth) and embody (blossom). We may identify on an intellectual level and see clearly what we wish to change; behaviour patterns, self talk, automatic emotional reactions, stories and beliefs that no longer serve us, concreted from conditioning. The presence of intellect is useful insofar as insights and understanding, however it is not quantifiable or possible to map out the roots with certainty in our minds. Nurturing ourselves allows the seeds we want to care for and focus on to grow.

Imagining healing like water, it needs to seep into all areas and aspects of ourselves (emotional, mental, physical) to nourish and transform us. Embodiment unveils in real time presence, through the cycle of forgiveness, acceptance and bringing in love to those parts requiring nurturing touch and attention.

The ever changing weather systems of our inner and outer worlds pose challenges of how to withstand the elements, and can be approached through integration. Whichever seeds chosen to sow, we trust when the time of flourishing is to come. The cycles in nature reminds us that it may take one, two, or multiple seasons for fruit to bear. Challenges are bound to appear and we will be tested; however this is nature guiding us and seeds which are to expand do so as intended.

Celebrating Our Light

Each of us holds the seasoned fruits within; when we are ripe for learning opportunities and transformation moving through life experiences, we blossom. Embodying our true essence, allowing our light to shine, empowered, is a vision to behold. Using the tools we have to integrate and practice over and over is a natural art form; an enabler to bring forth our light, stand in our power and become a single flower, joining with others, in a vast meadow of flowers. Our potential is here, now, visibly, and invisibly expanding, awaiting our attention.

In celebration of the journey we are on together, yet soulfully attentive to our own, we embrace the seasons past, present and those yet to come with open hearts, graceful souls and trusting companionship with those who walk with us along the way. I invite you to consider the seeds you wish to nourish and provide space to grow for the coming weeks, months and seasons beyond.

Soulful Blessings from the Sacred Valley, Peru.


Amy is dedicated to integration consultancy; founder of the Inner Council Workshop Series, an elaboration on Inner Child Work, and co-creator of an online women’s circle, which has blossomed into a truly sacred space where women are invited to share vulnerability, to be seen and heard in all aspects of themselves. Primarily working with the Inner Child archetype, Amy provides one to one and group workshops online, discussing theory, leading guided meditations and exercises, holding space to connect, explore and heal with your inner child.

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