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For the past six years I have been in an ebbing and flowing time of transition; moving around South America, visiting hundreds of cities, people and their homes, spending hours upon hours on long bus journeys, covering thousands of land miles, volunteering in Eco and sustainability projects, working in healing and retreat centres. Transition is a word, practice and part of everyday life, as well as those bigger, more memorable moments of rapid change that can often be most associated with transition. In reality, change is happening all the time, day to day, within, without.

What began as an unknown, undefined adventure, became a way of life; a self created, authored lifestyle that enabled me to learn, share, teach and grow into something I could not have otherwise imagined or discovered without these experiences. On a soul level; to heal, and transform, requiring many layers and periods of transition! In fact, it never ends; I’m still in this flow and transition, witnessing this journey; thus is the law of nature, the universe and life itself.

Practice: learning in motion

You might say I’m a ‘pro’ at moving; packing, unpacking, settling in, moving again, keeping things minimal, travelling light, with only necessities in my backpack… yes, I suppose I am. Although, like with anything, it’s an art form; learned through practice and experience. I still have moments I wish I could choose from a larger array of clothing or shoe collection. However, I’ve come to appreciate each item I do have and the value (as well as practicality) that it brings. Those times I visit family in the UK I have a whole new wardrobe to rediscover, although no item is actually new!

During the past 18 months that I have remained in Peru, I have moved six times; all within the Valley! It has been challenging to navigate the housing market, uncertainty of timescales and decision making with changes on a micro and macro level influencing. I’m sure this may resonate; we’ve all been experiencing profound change from societal, to work, family, relationships and ourselves as individuals.

An opportunity presents

Recently an opportunity was presented to me to move again. The house I was previously staying at in the Valley became available and I remembered how much I had enjoyed living there and not really wanting to leave. Ah-ha! I thought; the universe has conspired and blessed me with the opportunity to return. So it seemed.

Going with the flow of where I felt a new opening occurring I sat in the presence of considering the options. Where I am currently, I viewed it as a temporary move because at the time, those were the circumstances; I needed somewhere to go and this house came up (again a synchronistic occurrence that I couldn’t have planned, worked out beautifully… another story!). I witness myself in a space of deep appreciation of where I am and all the things these houses offer as a home. Each day I wake up, grateful for being provided for; grateful to the universe. Leaning into it, trusting, I experience time and time again how I am looked after; counting the blessings, even though life’s not without its challenges, discomforts and difficult growing pains. Zooming out, I see the bigger picture.

Sitting in a place of neutrality, I found it magical to witness the non preference of choosing to move, or choosing to stay; I was happy with both outcomes.
In fact, after months of relocating I found myself in a situation providing me with choices!

The Universe conspires

In the end a decision was weaved out for me, with me, revealing that actually, without the drive and desire to move I am to stay where I am and offer a friend, in greater need, the opportunity of having the other house. Interesting how at some level, it seems worked out for us. Relinquishing control, stressing over decision making and remaining open to possibilities are lessons I am still learning; each layer of trust reinforces the one prior.

The value this situation presented is recognition that sometimes transition is about staying put; not moving, non action. Moving and transition are almost interchangeable with how we experience it physically; being open, ready, accepting are all the same ingredients for allowing a smooth outcome. To stay or move; transitions are still happening. This is a transition I have been through and realising the other side feels lighter, relieved a decision has come forward that benefits more than just me; content to carry on the journey.


Amy is dedicated to integration consultancy; founder of the Inner Council Workshop Series, an elaboration on Inner Child Work, and co-creator of an online women’s circle, which has blossomed into a truly sacred space where women are invited to share vulnerability, to be seen and heard in all aspects of themselves. Primarily working with the Inner Child archetype, Amy provides one to one and group workshops online, discussing theory, leading guided meditations and exercises, holding space to connect, explore and heal with your inner child.

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