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Like the seasons, our feminine archetypes hold certain patterns, tastes, preferences that are expressed uniquely. Having recently completed the Rise of the Maiden program I am very much connected and in tune with my Maiden archetype; aware of her wishes and desires, as well as the journey we’ve been on together with healing and transformation. Transitioning between seasonal changes at various times of the year, we see our inner world reflected in the outer. During winter I look forward to being wrapped up warm and cosy, inviting reflection, introspection. In contrast, summer brings the rains and warmth that invite expansion and blossoming.

As with each day, the seasons and our inner archetypes reveal opportunities to be receptive to the subtleties of change; temperature, weather, mood, appetite, emotions, feelings and behaviours that are in a constant flux. Come all weathers, it can be a time of re-evaluation. I recently had a sort-out of my wardrobe; something I’ve managed to bypass for the past few years, living mostly out of a backpack, travelling and moving, lightly, with ease. Yet, in the recent 18 months I seem to have accumulated more possessions that no longer just fit in my backpack! This is due to spending more time in one place, inevitably through adaptation and needs of a few extra comforts, the expansion was a necessary part of this process.

Discovering what was not on view

Going through my wardrobe, I was reminded (by my Maiden) of some of the items of clothing she enjoyed wearing; namely summer dresses and skirts. It wasn’t until I turned out the cupboard that I saw these had been hidden, stacked neatly away. I was reminded of how they brought value and pleasure to those occasions where I felt drawn to wear them. Also, revealing a metaphor for Shadow work:

Until we peer into the places that are not on view on the outside, hidden within, we are not conscious or able to realise we might need to make change in our lives.

We out-grow, hang on to things that no longer fit our current state of life, in mind, body and spirit. It’s not always easy to bring things out into the open, for they may have been hidden for quite some time, whether it brings joy or a release of suffering, it’s kindest to let it out, to be healed by the light and power of self transformation.

A change of mindset

In the past I have needed to embrace a practical mindset of minimalism and sorting through a few items I treated myself to seemed on par with the recent Solstice celebrations. I chose to embrace and appreciate abundance, even if it was adding one or two extra items of clothing to my cupboard that brought me pleasure and joy. My life had created space for it and I witnessed an opportunity of receiving for myself to support my inner world of self love and care.

Remembering that beauty begins within, when we shine this light, outwardly, we are sharing love for ourselves to those around us, rippling out into the wider world.

Honouring the ebbs and flows of our inner seasons, linked to our feminine archetypes, supports our soul growth of celebrating and appreciating who we really are. Our own unique expression is the most authentic form of being. This doesn’t need to be reflected in a certain style, shape, form, pressure or expectation from external sources, rather an inwardly determined connection and felt sense of our own unique expression.

A consideration to contemplate

I invite you to consider where in your life you may not have shined a light on for sometime. Remembering you have everything you need within; wisdom, love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. Your inner community possesses a wealth of resources and out here, in our soulful community of like-hearted women, we are learning, growing and healing with each other. Discovering the connections that lie within enables us to move through challenges and transform into a space of shining, sharing and celebrating ourselves.

Like I may have done in the past, saving a dress for a more suitable occasion that ultimately never arrives, I am reminded that there are no rules or set occasions for saving an aspect of yourself for a time you perceive that is ‘best’ to be expressed. Tuning into and honouring those times of when we are being asked by our inner world to shine and share, with courage and love, we accept and respond.

If it feels good, wear it, share it, shine.

Your inner beauty is being celebrated this month; inwardly and outwardly. Thank you for being here on this journey with us.

With love and blessings.


Amy is dedicated to integration consultancy; founder of the Inner Council Workshop Series, an elaboration on Inner Child Work, and co-creator of an online women’s circle, which has blossomed into a truly sacred space where women are invited to share vulnerability, to be seen and heard in all aspects of themselves. Primarily working with the Inner Child archetype, Amy provides one to one and group workshops online, discussing theory, leading guided meditations and exercises, holding space to connect, explore and heal with your inner child.

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