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Yoga Online

Sharing and guiding movement through gentle stretches, asanas and mindful breathing, yoga classes for all abilities, well paced and a space to relax and recharge the body and mind, bringing the Self back towards soulful alignment.

Group Sessions

The class will be relaxed with gentle stretches, suitable for all abilities and first timers too. I generally aim for a beginners pace and adapt the session according to the class participants.

Taking inspiration from yin yoga, that is restorative and nurturing, including elements of breathwork and a relaxed medatitive space.

To prepare your own space, you’ll need a mat/something to stretch on! Consider having some water handy and a cushion(s), blanket for support and comfort too.

Personal Yoga

One-to-one personal yoga sessions are offered for those who wish to open and explore a private session with full focus and attention to your needs and considerations.

Beginning with a complimentary call, we shall discuss the relevant aspects of your current lifestyle and consider how a movement practice with yoga can develop and integrate into your daily life, for a supportive lasting practice.

If yoga and a movement practice is something new to you that is great! Personal Yoga sessions are aimed at meeting you where you are, and supporting you with where you wish to journey and transform; beginners and movement practitioners welcome.

A yin-based yoga practice, with breathwork and inspired by elements of holistic energy work, these gentle sessions are nurturing for mind, body and soul.
Guidance and support are provided to tailor sessions to restore, rebalance and refresh your whole being.

If a movement practice resonates, yet perhaps unsure if this is for you, or would like to find out more, I offer complimentary calls to discuss personal yoga with you further.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing a stretch or two!

What you can receive from Personal Yoga

  • One-to-one support through guided yoga sessions
  • Gentle stretches, breathing and elements of meditation held in a safe space
  • Dedicated focus and attention from intuitive led guidance
  • Realistic and practical considerations to begin or add to your daily practice
  • Fulfill your needs of integrating movement into daily life
  • Supportive materials for holistic considerations of movement and lifestyle considerations
  • Encouragement and support for approaching areas of the mind, body and soul that need attention
  • Integration calls to discuss and review your development and practice

About Amy

My personal yoga practice has led me on a journey of transformation and continues to teach me lessons that contribute to the positive change in who I am and becoming. Movement is soulful, and as an individual who seeks deep connection with myself and others, I find peace and joy in moments of self and shared growth.

Providing one to one and small groups sessions I encourage heart opening trust, vulnerability and honesty with oneself during our time together. Guiding with energy and holding space for one to connect with their own natural rhythm I provide support for individual needs, whilst considering and bringing balance in group dynamics.