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and to support you to



Your True Self Power



Your Innate Gifts & Potentiality



Your Self-Confidence, Self-Belief & Self-Worth



in your FULL power and potentiality!

Holistic support for your mental health and emotional wellbeing that
elevates feelings of being enough, boosts your confidence and enhances your self-worth

Hello. We’re delighted that you’ve been guided here. Welcome. Thank you for following your intuition, as we appreciate the opportunity to connect with you; we recognise that your time is valuable. If you have landed here, we imagine that you are seeking some form of guidance, support or resolution.  We honour where you are in your life right now and feel blessed to be considered as a potential guide for your wellbeing requirements. We are here for you in a capacity that feels aligned for where you are right now. Our offerings have been carefully considered to intentionally cater for peoples differing needs, whether this is in a group setting in our online women’s circle, individually through 1:1 mentoring or in a retreat environment.

It may not necessarily feel like it in this moment, but please be reassured that

You ARE capable of navigating any challenge that you may be currently experiencing.

You ARE able to access feelings of being enough, genuine confidence and embodied worth.

You ARE worthy of leading a meaningful life of joy, fulfilment and abundance.

Each day doesn't have to be something you merely get through and survive.
YOU are deserving of wellbeing and hold the capacity to THRIVE!

We are here and present with tender guidance, so that you feel held
as you gracefully transition one step at a time

As your trusted guide we walk beside you, helping to eliminate any feelings of apprehension and/or overwhelm and to cultivate a relationship of trust. We meet you in a place of honouring, integrity and compassion, so that you feel seen, heard and acknowledged. Through heart-centred practices, we provide a safe held space for you to heal the conditioning that restricts you, integrate the medicine that empowers you and align to the resources that elevate you. We aim to attentively support you in your transition, as each moment unfolds, by encouraging self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-empowerment, so that you can RISE as an empowered, resourceful and radiant Soulful Woman.

We recognise that it takes courage to reach out, particularly to women that you may not know yet. We invite you to Meet Us and get to know us in our respective soulful spaces. Rest assured we were once in a similar position; we hear and honour any feelings of apprehension. We wholeheartedly believe in offering a safe space in which to meet you and begin a dialogue, exactly how you are today. We are here ready to support you in taking the first step; free from judgement and obligation.

YOUR path to wellbeing begins with a single-step.
We warmly invite you to take that step today.
Please reach out and let's start a dialogue.

I'm ready. Let's have a chat

Supporting You To Rise & Thrive

Soulful Fe-mail offers practical guidance and accessible life tools that assist you in walking your path as a Soulful Woman. Each edition centres around a particular theme, which is explored through the lens of Helen and Amy’s professional and personal perspectives. This guide aims to inspire intuitive soul-led living through related articles and medicine tools, designed to support you in leading an empowered, fulfilling and purposeful life.

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